Surprise surprise: IAVI calls the bottom

“The consensus amongst our members is that the market has bottomed out,” says Mehl.

“We’re not going to see any significant growth in prices for a while but we’ve seen a huge increase in activity in 2010 and it’s been very encouraging for months. Most auctioneers are looking at the levels of activity in the marketplace and that will be a good indication of where the market is going. Last year, there was very little activity but we’re taking great encouragement from the increase because we’re now in our third very difficult year. Auctioneers might have 20 people viewing a house and at the end of the week there might not be a sale, but at least you know that people have it in their mind that they want to buy and it gives an idea of the pent up demand.”


Ask Paddy Power for odds on the housing market, then you’ll know if it’s bottomed or not as he puts his money where his mouth is.

Are the two statements not blatently contradictory?

Again, from a thread in the Bar. If it`s not selling at a price then its price is too low, or some such. :wink:

Aw man, I feel like crying - so 20 people viewing a house but not buying it is an indication of high demand?


Of course it indicates pen up demand, next week they’ll all be in a bidding war.

Alternatively it could indicate that all potential buyers did not consider the offering to be worth buying

That kind of sh1t really bugs me – Looked at a house with the OH – location is 100% perfect but house needs work and we feel that the price is to high. The owners are separating and one half is keen to sell, wants the money to move on. If the property crash was sharp the it would be short, they’d get something for the house and would be able to buy exactly what they would now as it to would be down. Instead it’s going to cost them another few years with one renting and one living in the house.

I’m sick of renting I want to buy but I didn’t sit out the boom the phuck it up now by over paying

Rant over, better now

I’m not saying that they are correct, but whilst in Cork Wednesday, we were meandering and looked into Global properties, on Marlborough Street I think, and there was a sign “WE URGENTLY NEED 3 AND 4 BEDROOMED HOUSES IN BISHOPSTOWN,DOUGLAS,ROCHESTOWN, and MIDLETON” :open_mouth:

Mind you I counted 6 shops with Job Vacancies in the windows :open_mouth:

And no I wasn’t drinking either…

Got spam in the door last week from DNG “urgently” looking for properties… jesus wept.
Renting in Clontarf.

There is massive demand out there apparently but only for some properties… no demand for the ones actual on sale.
People apparently only want to buy houses that aren’t currently for sale it appears.


Review of the recent IAVI production of 'A Mid-Summer-Night’s Dream.

'A splendid evening’s entertainment with sound contributions from all concerned.
However Kersten Mehl’s Bottom was as aways greatly admired and stole the evening. We look forward to yet another Bottom from Kersten as the IAVI have promised to reprise the show next year ’


Barber thinks you could do with a haircut - Shocker!

Probably more accurate.

They’re bound to be right eventually:
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(Quotes from the Irish Property Bubble: Irish Auctioneers & Valuers Institute)


I’m in two minds as to wheather or not they actually believe their own BS.

I mean, were you to purposely lie when calling a bottom, then you know you will be proven wrong.
Consequently, you know you are going to look like a complete tit.

Is that something people actually do on purpose ?

I’ve come to the conclusion that most, if not all of these cheerleaders prostituted their self-respect years ago.

Yawny mc yawn.