Sutton/Baldoyle Waste Water Treatment Plant

I’m looking at a couple of place in Baldoyle and Sutton and Bayside but I heard there was a treatment plant in the area.
Is it an issue?
I never lived around there but I lived near swords and cycled the estuary road many times and there was a nasty bang there from time to time.
Is there anyone here that lives near the place and is there ever any foul smell? I would have thought not as it doesn’t pop up as much as other places (many articles on the swords plant).
Anyway, hope you can help out all those who live out this direction.
I just google earthed Sutton. Dear God, there are some amazingly massive houses out there!!
Thanks in advance,
TB. Nothing since, no smell, no noise or reports of any problems.

Once in a dozen plus years is a non issue. Thanks. The one in Swords was bad multiple times a year but I often thought it was the stuff going into the river then into an estuary and perhaps then coming back up the river at high tide. Thanks!

You are worrying over nothing.

To be honest if you can afford to live there then you have no problems

Except for an ongoing spurt of growing nose and ear hair…

Explain please

Especially anywhere beyond Sutton Cross - which is the real borderline!

The area is somewhat geriatric.

I rad the other replies, but what I was replying to was that “you have no problems” and I was saying that my only pressing issue is that I seem to be growing nose and ear hair at an alarming rate. Certainly not having a pop at the sutton demographic. 8)

Thanks for taking the time and trouble to reply.