Swallows Nest in new property

Hi All,

I have just bought a new property and there is a swallows nest in the eve’s.

I have been told that this is some kind of good luck, but i think after some time I think it will be very annoying. Havent moved in yet but I think I would like to know at least :slight_smile:

Was wondering if there is a certain time of the year to take this down…random question I know but thought if anyone has any experience then I would find it here!!!

They’ll be gone soon, so you can take it down then. But they will come back. They like to nest in the same place year after year. It’s not a problem unless they’re near lights.

And they give the forecast without you having to turn on the telly - how bad?

They are cool birds and keep the flies in check

They are French?

Is it me, or has it gone all PG Wodehouse round here all of a sudden?

i zink zey can be fwom all ovver ze place,not just fwench

Obviously they are not from Africa.


Sorry, couldn’t help it.

It’s illegal to disturb an active nest (Wildlife Act 1976, 2000). Wait until it’s vacated.

Sorry, meant to also say that I would guess sometime from September on is when you’ll find this to be the case. (Just going by the prohibition on cutting hedges from 1-Mar to 31-Aug).

Which means if you do decide to find an alternative use for a tennis racket, dont tell anyone.

One swallow does not a summer make.

Bloody foreigners!

I’m trying the swallow the idea that you’ve bought a property.

They’ve probably left the nest by now, so you can knock them down with a long handle in the next few weeks.
You may also need a scrubbing brush to clean the sh!te from the wall and footpath before the mould starts growing on it over the winter. They do tend to nest in the same place each year, in which case leave them until the season is over, they are useful to keep the flies under control.

First off are you sure it is a swallows nest and not a house martins nest?

Second why do you need to get rid of it? why not just leave it there in case the want to refurbish it next year? I could understand if it is on the front of the house and they are covering the front wall with droppings but if it is on the side or back and the droppings fall away from the house then just leave it in place. Poor little sods have enough to do flying back and forth to Africa and keeping the fly population down.

BTW how come this has survived being pistoned ?

Well, it is property related…

We are nothing if not capricious. One swallow doesn’t make a spring, though, so beware…

I keep thinking the thread is unfinished - as it’s in A&E:

Swallows nest in new property - should I call an old lady?