Sweary Mary says FAS to be replaced........

breakingnews.ie/ireland/tanaiste … 79480.html

Bring out the champers.

FAS to be replaced with… FAS.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before… :stuck_out_tongue:

HQ moving to Donegal Town.


and we should call the new Agency something like “AnCo” :mrgreen:

Irish politician in State Agency rebranding exercise - shocker!

+1 - I’ll be massively massively surprised if the “replacement” doesn’t boil down to a new name and a new logo and maybe a few new faces to talk to the media so as to try to give the impression of change. Meanwhile bugger-all-nothing will actually change and it’ll be the same old faces handing in the same old (massively padded) expenses forms to the same old (permissive) finance department.


Can we get Rody Molloy back in on a very expensive contract to mentor this “new” agency.

Teach them the basics about first class travel, entitlement culture, spending a billion a year during full employment etc.

Maybe some overseas travel to broaden their horizons. Fact finding missions to Florida. Expensive golf days, that kind of thing. Bring the missus.

Shure it’ll be great craic altogether. We can invite the big fat one in charge of Health. She loves a break from the HSE, great excuse for a free haircut.

They don’t even need to change the name that much to get across the usefulness of the new agency.

Just rename it S.F.A, for Sweet-Fuck-All !

A case of ‘Old Wine in New Bottles’.

‘Replicated’, she said ‘replicated’… it’s the oxsunt that has you confused.

FÁS becomes BÁS.

For non gaelic speakers, its pronounced ‘farce’.

I liked Ruairi Quinn’s solution.

Abolish it.


Perhaps *actually * launch the fecker into space. I don’t even know if I mean Molloy or FÁS

FÁS bás.
Glas spás rás sa fásach!

If I recall, the bearded ones were none too happy with this solution.

It was a case of “et tu Ruairi”

Sure all that requires is some explanation: “once we stop flushing money down the FAS money-pit to pay for big dinners and haircuts for their senior staff we’ll have a lot more left over so that we won’t need to f*ck the ordinary taxpayer quite so much”.

See? Simples. And it has the great virtue of being true.

I’d call it ICBINF

I Can’t Believe Its not FAS