Swedes vs The Menace

You’d have to think, given the track record of female & gay political leaders on covid, that this is very Bad news for Sweden’s anti-lockdown policy.

Same direct script from far away African Tanzania… were a can of cola brings a positive.


Twitter comments are saying the first security briefing must have been… eye opening.

Oh it’s all about Botswana now. New variant donchaknow.

Joke or for real?

Looks legit although these days who the hell knows. Breaking across more networks now.


Great news. She was a full in vaccine mandate person. And she had a career just like Jacinda Ardens in NZ. Never had a real job. Unlike Lofven who she replaced she is long party apparatchik. Lofven actually was a welder before he got involved with trade unions.

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Fascinating international comparison.

Things are taking a bad turn in Sweden


OH for fucks sake!


Ahhh would you ever fck off with your conspiracy theor… …