Swedish Girl 9 and Woman stabbed Gothenburg, Sweden

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Today in #Gothenburg, a 9 year old little girl is in a critical condition after she was viciously attacked & stabbed in the stomach by an immigrant man.

Police have called this a “random attack”, a phrase that has become synonymous with migrant violence.

We constantly hear of these random attacks which almost always involves someone with immigrant background.

Sweden, much like other parts of the West, is seeing an epidemic of rape & violence.

The truth: there is a direct link between immigration & the increase in crime.

The statistics support & show this.

Putting cultural difference aside, many of the newcomers come from lawless societies with no order or rule of law, and they only rule and/or navigate society by violence. That’s the only way they to make a point or get what they want…

…Not to mention that many immigrants come from war-torn countries, and this had psychological & mental affects on them. It’s scientifically proven that there’s a link between this; early violence exposure has many effects on a wide range of developmental outcomes.

We opened the doos to people we know nothing about & have a proven constant prone to violence.

You’ll never let a stranger in to your home. So why are we letting in millions of strangers whose cultures are incompatible to ours & constantly demand more than they give?

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The “random” attacker apprehended by people.


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