Sweeties For All - Political Pop Up Shops

Tracking the “For All” Regime counter-protest franchises pop-up shops:


Old news to pinsters but latest news on broken news! :ghost: :icon_rolleyes: :eye: :rofl: :joy: :disguised_face:


Keyword: “allyship” - paint by numbers menace activists.

It’s hard to figure out here exactly the implication.

It all a misunderstanding, or paranoia, or they’re trying to distance themselves from being associated with something they were involved in (very ambiguous).

Nope it’s not clear. I’m thinking it’s the first, same name different person confusion, but drawing attention to it this way also comes across ham fisted when I am not sure anyone was, maybe they were somewhere. If anyone find future clarity please post.

More Lyrics For ALL

“Hey Hey Ho ho”

This is where Ireland is now in 2023.
TDs allegedly trying to Dox members of the public protesting against Government Policies.

EU flag wha’ and comments:

The odd squad. Again; on the bridge. Same as other one. [Why? To make a small number look larger.] Boring.

“For All”?
As soon as socialist international offer to help us out with our ever expanding national debt; then perhaps we can start talking.

No talking. No prisoners.

War. To the Death.

Net zero immigration now. Protect our culture, heritage, etc. At current rates, we could be in a minority in 30/40 years. Well done then everyone who banged on about resources.


Comments already bombed: