Swiss to name Irish holders of bank accounts … 20258.html

They’ll just move it all into toblerone’s

Surely the question is where did the money come from in the first place and if appropriate (income, CGT etc.) tax was paid on it originally, not if they’ve been avoiding DIRT?

I wonder if the list will become public and if any politicians are named in it. :angry:
Ah sure they would never do anything like that. :unamused:

That’s what I would have thought too, in addition to the prospect of criminal tax evasion being a real possibility.

Revenue seem to be one of the few competent organs of our state apparatus.

I’d be more interested in the revenue gaining access to a certain Austrian bank with an Anglo-Irish history.

I have always found the Revenue on the ball and ahead of the rest of the PS. They actually seem to realise there are people out there who work for a living and who don’t always fill in documents properly. Only time I have found them awkward (luckily not with me) was when they got a sniff that someone I knew was trying to pull a fast one.
Even the VAT section have got less stroppy over the years.
(now the Companies Registration Office… they can fuck right off…tossers)

But WHERE did you get that 5chf, and did you pay cgt, dirt on it?

5chf is a lot, right?