Swords - Boroimhe

Anyone care to speculate why this:
apartmentis worth 25K more than:

this one

Note: since June, 2 bed apartments in the estate have been hovering around 330-335K with one briefly on the market at 317.5K just before Christmas and one at 340K for a few months also before Christmas. There are, currently, according to MyHome+DAFT, 11 apartments of the type for sale in the estate.

Good old Boroimhe…


I was just checking myhome there, in and around Dublin North (haven’t done that in a while! :stuck_out_tongue: ) and came across this…

Heh, the b*stard who wrote that owes me a new keyboard!

Cup overflowing = mess to be cleared up, especially if it is something really clean like coffee, coke or red wine (cos let’s face it, you won’t have unpacked the wine glasses first up).