Swords house for 99p

Found a house near Swords village on ebay.co.uk with a starting price of 99p. It does however have a secret reserve price, so it’s not quite the bargain it seems. :wink:

I can’t find it on daft to see what the vendor actually wants.

Assuming there is a realistic reserve, who wants to bid on a house, address unknown?

Interesting tatic. Only a 7 day auction as well it will be interesting to see if they get much interest

Doesn’t ebay charge 7% commission?

Assuming the reserve is >€7,000.00 then listing fee of €140.00.

Standard 7.5% of sale price applies if it’s sold.

Potential for 2000E rent? 8 minutes from Swords Village, in the country, and it’s a terraced house? When four bed houses in the village can’t make 1600E a month at the moment? Also, it’s not a semi, it’s a terraced judging by the photos.

In these hard times, if 99p seems a bit pricey for Swords, why not consider Detroit…for one dollar?

telegraph.co.uk/news/worldne … risis.html

Nothing like that:

pages.ebay.co.uk/help/sell/fees. … 86.c0.m287

I see bidder 1 has out bid bidder 2 by 2 cents.

Things are hotting up :laughing:

Current bid: £10.02

The currency exposure must be keeping the bidders away.


My 2 cents :smiley:

Me thinks someone is after some free publicity.

I’ll put my hand up and say I bid a tenner (subject to survey…ha ha)

Not free though.

My mistake I was looking at .ie fees

Wow its at £56 so far with 38 bids, which all seem to have been placed since this thread started :wink:

Someone is autobidding at has got me at £110 - damn - I always wanted to live in that town “just 10 minutes from the centre of Dublin”

If you could get it for £40k you’d probably be able to flip it at a profit even in today’s market.

Somehow I’d imagine that the reserve is somewhere between £150-200k.


Going on the photos I’d say it’s in Rivermeade. (99.9% sure) Council estate built in the middle of rural St. Magerets. Nothing around it for miles. A bit rough as well, a few years I was dropping a friend out there after the cinema, vigilantes were on patrol in the estate. Bunch of older gentlemen with baseball bats etc. Don’t think it’s as bad as that anymore though. I think I’ve seen this house on daft before for around 330k.

Agree 100%, unless its a no reserve auction then its not worth getting excited about.

No doubt RTE or the Sindo will be all over it in a couple of days.