Sydenham Road, Ballsbridge,

Was €1,300

Now €1,200


one of the first places i ever rented out was down the end of that road on the right next door tothe old apartments, nice location, shit apartment. we used to have to time the viewing really well because there was no noise insulation and the flat bellow had a big german dude who used to play dodgy mid 90’s techno really high as soon as he got home at 6.30

brian, you’re a saint!! :smiley:

That kind of answers an your earlier quetion you posed as to why people don’t trust or particularly like Estate Agents in general don’t ya think :wink:

I stopped doing that kind of stuff, :smiley: no more lettings for me, but every EA trys show the property they are selling at the best possible time. when selling serious properties you look everything from light to tides and even what time the yaught race starts at or when is ther loads of noise from the road that you are beside.

Always try see a house a diferent times of day and different days before buying and drive past it at times when the EA says he can’t show it, just incase there is a reason.