Symbolism in Advertising

This one is easy.

  • Raptor represent the extinction of old ways (extinct reptile)
  • 2 very MASCULINE trucks getting down and dirty in da mud
  • Waster Spray (Golden Shower) Satanic Mockery of Christians - from MUD (evolution-transhumanism) to Gods (fake + gay)
  • Rainbow livery on the SURGE surpassing FORD (New-Normals in town) jumping / rising
  • SUN / SUN homage final shot. (sun worshippers)

:lizard: :shower: :rainbow_flag: :sun_with_face:

“REDEFINING TOUGH” = Diversity is our Strength :icon_rolleyes:

Was more of a Cortina man meself

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I dunno if you added this line it might update it to modern take:

She doesn’t know he drives the car at night in only her underwear and the lights off for the extra thrill.

Is that…Micheal???