Symmetric Or Asymmetric? - Quick POLL by Prof. OW


Which shape do you prefer on first impression?

  • I prefer the symmetrical shape
  • I prefer the asymmetrical shape

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I ask a quick favour of users on foot of another thread (here) like to do really quick and simple poll.
Just vote you don’t have to give reasons why but feel free to discuss…

You do not have to take to long to think about his few seconds should be fine, you immediate gut feeling is whats important.

Which do you prefer of the following two shapes?


Symmetric, cause I thought it was a tree and the other one has a lumpy trunk, as regards houses I prefer asymmetrical in general.


Asymmetic - as my house will attest to! (Hardly a right-angle in it - by design, I hasten to add!).


To the piston broke with you.

Always wanted to say that. :laughing:


I prefer symmetric like most people. That’s why I prefer even to odd numbers.




Thats a different question :smiley:


I’m fairly sure that research has shown that symmetry is essential for what we regard as ‘beauty’.


From the FreeDictionary
sym·me·try (sm-tr)
n. pl. sym·me·tries

  1. Exact correspondence of form and constituent configuration on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane or about a center or an axis. See Synonyms at proportion.
  2. A relationship of characteristic correspondence, equivalence, or identity among constituents of an entity or between different entities: the narrative symmetry of the novel.
  3. Beauty as a result of balance or harmonious arrangement.


After 3 seconds : Symmetrical

After 15 seconds : Asymmetrical

So voted Symmetrical.


The asymmetric drawing looks like a pregnant hunchback.



It seems some have also needed to impose figurative meaning on the shapes before they could make a decision bypassing the actual. I probably should have put in caveat. Interesting results all round.

My Diagnosis for you Fiend is you are a conflicted beyond hope and probably suffer from too many handbags in your collection :smiling_imp:


Symetric definitely. The asymetric shape happens to also be unbalanced, so anyone who prefers that is unbalanced.



I fucking hate trees.

Sitting there all cutsey-wootsey with their shiny foliage all a-rustling and a-bustling in the wind.

Either that or glimmering in the dew of a sunny summers afternoon, casting its shade hither and thither on the little creatures who live amidst the leafy goodness of its embrace.

Well fuck 'em, I say.

Symmetrical? Asymmetrical?

Chop the fuckers down!!


You should be running the country! 8DD


WOW. That tree on the left is HOT!!! (I hope noone at work spied me looking at this hotty). The other one is a complete dog.


the one on the left looks like a nuclear explosion


Yeah symmetrical. The one on the right has a bad case of elephantitis.



Too much sameness & obvious attempts my humanity to punch out symmetry just for symmetrys sake.


I picked Asymmetric because i tolerate anything that is different and creative!


Asymmetric is dynamic and unstable. Interesting if a little worrying.