T-Cells - The cure?


Do you get the feeling this year and onwards, are going to be rather, hmm how can I say, eventful?

With that, this is some potentially wonderfully great news in the queue.

Reportedly found by accident and that’s always a positive data-point in my book for increasing the potential for this being something truly special.


Well I guess I was the only one… :whistle:


A Trojan Horse on many levels methinks.

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh combined the tiny cancer-killing molecule SeNBD with a chemical food compound to trick malignant cells into ingesting it.

It is common to come across advice to combine a sugary substance as the delivery vehicle landed with the poison as such for the targeted parasite in home cures.

Full article is available via archives - https://archive.is/61HTq

The new rules of engagement mean we don’t waste time with trials right?