Taiwan stock exchange

Does anyone know of any brokers that trade on the Taiwan stock exchange?

Thanks in advance

Maybe Interactive Brokers, they trade on loads of them; top class broker too.

thanks for you reply. I just I emailed them. Fingers crossed.

Just had a look and it seems like you’re unlucky and Taiwan isn’t one of their markets.
Perhaps the stock you’re looking for will also trade on one of the other Asian exchanges - many of them do; you can search for a particular company here:
interactivebrokers.co.uk/con … scription=


Just listed in Taiwan I’m afraid.

Davy said they weren’t able to trade on it rather to than not choosing to so maybe all/most foreign brokers cannot trade on it.

Those Interactive Brokers require a lot of information about employer, etc., it is mandatory. Also, they will only let you open up an account if you have made more than 100 trades.

From my experience Davy aren’t able to do most things!

If Davy’s cant do that for you (presuming it’s not a nominal amount) the person telling you that is lying.

This is the response I got from them via email.