Taiwan - Next Move?

Lots of sabre rattling, rhetoric and deployment of machines of WAR - while the world is distracted by Taliban memes and Taliban twitter trolling does Taiwan teeter on the brink of Chinese invasion and occupation or something else?

Eastern Theater Command on Tue dispatched warships, ASW aircraft and fighter jets for joint live-fire assault drills in SW, SE areas off the island of Taiwan as response to recent moves by the US and Taiwan secessionists: spokesperson



Seems to be ratcheting up. Taiwan is a major manufacturer and exporter.

Losing its output would be very disruptive. Could be a serious blow to world output and exacerbate the current goods shortage. That in turn would led to much higher prices. This in turn would crowd out funding for housing and might depress prices.

What do pinsters think ?


Fairly large outage on the nets the mo. All the big names affected.

Has some people spooked it’s to do with Taiwan. See reportage of large air incursion by China or large air presence. Will try find links.

https://downdetector.com/ shows who is in what state.