Nothing to see here. Only the BBC romanticizing the will of people to take up arms and die.

Didn’t we see very similar stories from the BBC back in the 70’s about brave nationalists in Northern Ireland fighting against their apartheid government?

Pelosi live Taiwan

where is sleepy Joe, and why isn’t he telling her not to go?! Jeez if Kamala takes over it could be a clusterfcuk in a really short window…

Look up the gun salute for Joe, being the kind given for a foreign dignitary and it a US president, after he who was sworn in 10 mins before Trump was finished. Is it true?

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One of us has inhaled a lot of funky mushroom spores and I don’t think it’s me…

He was sworn in early. He didn’t have a full salute. Trump took the football & had a bigger gun salute than Biden, may have been the full presidential, I’d have to check notes. But there were plenty posts about it at the time, also about suspected continuity/weather issues at Biden’s swearing in.

There were posts that Trump used the presidential seal over in Saudi, but I haven’t looked to confirm, or if it’s just his new seal/crest that looks similar.

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Pelosi sanctioned when in reality her plane should have been shot down.