Take your pick: €380,000 or €460,000? Rathmines

Two absolutely identical 1 bed apartments in the same block in Rathmines, Dublin 6. (Any differences are 100% cosmetic and the cheaper one would look like the more expensive one with a renovation spend of €10k spend tops)

This one is on sale today at €460,000. Last week it was €480,000*:

And this one has been on the market at €380,000 all along:

So one has dropped in price by €20,000, and yet is still €80,000 more to an identical one in the same block.


  • Sorry, don’t know how to do the cache thing, but I first mentioned this odd peirce difference in the Sentiment thread here:

thepropertypin.com/forum/vie … &start=600

Wynnfield house has been having serious - I mean serious difficulties with their management company. I heard that there are several legal problems outstanding.

No solicitor would allow you to sign for a flat in Wynnfield house - the place is a construction site, they’ve been building penthouses on the roof for years now, there’s little or no sink fund to replace the heating system/windows/mouldy carpets and there are ongoing legal issues.

Essentially, a Wynnfield apt is worthless because no solicitor would allow you to sign for one. Ah yes, the perils of apartment living - remember this block was one of the first apartment blocks to go up in Dublin. 20 years later, and look at the mess. Regulation and legislation hasn’t changed much since then, so you can only imagine the mess we’ll be in when places like the Belfry, Royal Canal Park, etc. need a bit of work done on them…

1st ever price drop listed still available!

www.daft.ie/196309 now 450k(- 30k)

(2nd link unavailable)

€450 000 Neg.*

I can’t see anyone really going to shell out that sort of dosh for a one bed in Rathmines

No. 14 mentioned in OP in February 2007 on sale for €480,000 is still for sale at €380,000.


The brochure says two odd things:

“URGENT SALE: Reduced from €480 000”…erm, not that urgent though!

It also says “€450 000 Neg”, and that mistake has been in the brochure forever.

I am starting to wonder whether the place is still on the site by error.

I believe this was the first post in the price drops forum.

No. 14 still for sale at €380,000, as it was in February 2007:


But for some reason the ad has been bumped up to the first page of a Daft search for D6. It had been languishing on the last page for a long time. Typos in the brochure still in place - two different prices quoted: €450,000 and €380,000. And it still mentions that it was reduced from €480,000. I had thought that perhaps this listing was a dead one that had somehow fallen through the cracks, but the bump now makes me think not. All in all, there is nothing that isn’t bizarre about this listing.