Taking the piss

Anyone spot properties that they reckon are taking the piss? For example, this house has been on the market for a considerable period of time for €1.9m

Lisadell 11 Tivoli Terrace

In May 2005 it was on the market for €1.3m

+46%. Now that strikes me as taking the piss.

It might be a lot easier to have a thread on properties that are not taking the piss…

Yep, that is full blown urine extraction.

So is this:

myhome.ie/residential/search … ABCJ349505

when you could have this for a 100k more:

myhome.ie/residential/search … WYPX320894

Madness - I noticed that the rathfarnham one has 6 bedrooms, but really.

The Rathfarnham one is being sold as having “development potential” because the rear garden is 100’x46’. In essence they’ve probably added 50% to the assumed value of the house as the assumed value of the site.

If we were such a great affluent society all our houses built during the BOOM!
would have been 6 bed mansions :stuck_out_tongue:

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