tall trees rugged lane dublin 15


5 house for sale for €635 on rugged lane on myhome.ie , has anyone out there any thoughts about this house


5 bed house it appears, not 5 houses

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 15/3323040


It’s twice the price of countless better built estate houses up the road in Clonsilla.

The structure is oddly positioned on the site boundary.

IMO it only makes sense as a knock and rebuild, so the potential depends on planning considerations. And then you’re going to end up spending the guts of a million on it, in total. Which is a lot for that area.

If the site was bigger or the structure would better the price might make sense.


Yes I agree I would think it is a complete renovation project, what are the planning regulations like in that area. The area is very rural and It looks like it backs directly on football pitches, what would it be like around night time ?


re planning - extremely tight for surrounding land at least. Prob driving up the price of this as nothing else available. There was a site for sale before down the road for 100k or so - implying the seller knew there was SFA chance of PP

look at Fingal CC website; surrounding land is zoned High Amenity

(Myhome location is off BTW)


It’s not very rural, it’s a couple of hundred metres away from a massive residential area which spreads from Ongar to Castleknock. There are some big expensive houses round there (I think the Lenihans have/had a family home on Somerton Lane), but I don’t think this site is big enough to make one of those viable.

I don’t imagine the crims would be arsed with that road when they’ve got richer pickings up the road in Homeleigh but I wouldn’t claim to understand the criminal mind. There is (or at least used to be) one massive shouty dog on that road which would come out and scare the crap out of cyclists.

I wouldn’t really choose that location for a family home for young kids as they’d be happier in a nearby estate house where they can walk to school, but that’s just me. Somewhere like Bracken Park (if you can bear the M50 noise) or the new builds around the Diswelstown and Porterstown Roads would probably offer better quality of life at the expense of a smaller garden.

There is a real lack of volume of decent size (but not flashy) houses on reasonable size sites in this area. Most are either 125sqm yellow brick semi-ds or megamansions.


Yea I had a look at Fingal Planning and planning regulation appears strict due to the zoning and I also discovered that Fingal are planning to make Somerton lane and Rugged lane both one way in the opposite directions, anyone aware of any other issues on the Lane ?


no but to be honest Rugged Lane ( & SL) is so steep and leading on to the lower road at an angle it’s probably no harm (bit of an accident black spot I’d say)

walk or cycle up it…

re the planning - it would be worth checking what you can do a demolish and rebuild - building anything bigger could possibly be an issue

I think it’s nice how the Westerly/Southerly aspect is so rural but that novelty might wear off

the drone of noise from the M50 might still be an issue


Had a look up around rugged lane this morning and about half way down noticed a sign saying something like Danger lands unsafe, does anyone know what this is about ?
Is this the site that was recently for sale someone already mentioned ?



have a gander at the history/map:


web.archive.org/web/20140607054 … lin/935387


Was up there during the week and surprised to see there is a sign at the wall house that directly borders football pitch asking not to kick football off house and also strong talk of a graveyard going in on rugged lane which I would think would cause a lot of traffic chaos amongst other issues, its a very risky purchase especially at that price when you compare what’s on offer across the road in diswelltown manor, they look nice, walk in with A rating and considerably cheaper ! Think I will stick to where I know