Tallaght Belgard Cookstown - Plantation Office Block Refugee Centre Watch

Unit 81 Cookstown Road, Cookstown Industrial Estate, Tallaght, Dublin 24

It’s spreading. These are only the ones known so far.

so this is the new business model for struggling landlords?

That you are paying for .

You mentioned elsewhere the pin back to it’s roots. Well here it is. Bank guarantee plus. Unending. All roads lead here.

I think Namavasion has a nice ring.


Based on Labour’s Alana Kelly and his 2015 Planning legislation amendment, this may be another perfect example of how “the State” gave itself the power to can occupy anything it likes anywhere in Ireland at any and all times and fill it up with people of unknown origins or backgrounds.

Also an interesting Youtube comment from the video:

ntegrative Preparedness 1 hour ago

About twenty years ago, I warned an Irish guy who tended bar here in Kansas City that the influx of immigrants into Ireland (then, mostly Polish) was going to change and then ruin Ireland. He disagreed with me, saying that Ireland then had a chance to show welcome to others just as other countries had welcomed the Irish. I told him we would see, and we have.

If East Wall is anything to go by, the locals here have an even greater advance heads up, thus a peoples picket line at break of dawn is not impossible to imagine, with no further works possible.

I’d say that video has gone viral via social media platforms and then the various messenger app channels.


Decklanders United.

It is just such a massive insult to all who left the country since the GFC.
Its an insult to the homeless.
Its an insult to those with mica homes
To those who couldn’t afford to repay their mortgage after unemployment hit 15% and lost their homes.
Its an insult to everyone who did all the right things and struggle along paying their mortgage while life gets ever more expensive.

This is a genuine and extremely fast route to becoming a bankrupt country with huge social problems.

The population of Ireland is a rounding error on a global scale.


Video has 5K views, it was about 1.1K approx. within the first 2 hours.

Another Tallaght plantation super hub location?


10k views now.

Amazed and heartened at just how quickly the subterfuge of the regime is getting picked up by ordinary people.

I think all the adults living back at home with their parents because of the housing crisis need to organise and camp out in dublin city , preferably by the Dail. At least for a few nights as a protest.

The sheer numbers would be astronomical. Most will be working on emigrating so what would they have to lose

Predictably uncreative.

The Regime strawmen counter groups are easy spot.

Area name + append the Fianna Fail “Housing For All” and you’re Go!


Account appeared Dec 2nd… sort is


Facts For All - Be Super Spreader!

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The most important aspect is they know that if EastWall inspires the nation they can not counter it, looks like the Regime may be activating all it’s “activist” cells across the land.

Keyword: Activist / Activism

Someone might like to dig more on this, there may be no connection but a mysterious pan-eurpean investor picking up a tone of “vacant possession” commercial property in April of this year, noice.

Video of a coach leaving the rapidly converted commercial building now plantation hub in Cookstown Tallaght.

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