Tánaiste Simon Covney Confirms 500,000 migrants for Ireland


I.e. their approach is a clear failure. Cases Should be decided within a few months not 10+ years. Better all round


But…as soon as they receive “leave to remain” they bring in a load of relatives expecting them all to be housed putting more pressure on services.

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*A scheme where refugees can bring relatives to live in Ireland is putting pressure on homeless services, and pushing refugee families into emergency accommodation, the director of the Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE) has said.
Asylum seekers with permission to remain in Ireland are becoming homeless as an “unintended consequence” of bringing relatives into the country under a humanitarian reunification scheme, according to Eileen Gleeson, head of the DRHE.


It is my understanding that all asylum cases are decided by the Department of Justice in a matter of weeks.

However, decisions adverse to the asylum seeker are appealed through the courts, JRed etc. That adds years to the process.

As departments don’t provide details of individual cases, the field is left open to the pro-immigrant advocacy groups to shape the narrative in the media that if only the Dept of Justice got its finger out this would all be sorted.

One case we have details of is Pamela Izevbekhai’s asylum claim because she went public. The Department’s case worker rejected her asylum application in the mid-2000s, she appealed, in 2009 the Guards found factual evidence that her claim for asylum was fraudulent, yet still her case was only finished in the courts in 2011 allowing her to be deported. All the while there was a vocal media campaign for her to stay. It cost the state over €1m.

The International Protection Act was passed in 2015 to tidy up the administrative aspects of asylum processing but there’s a limit to how fast cases can be decided when the legal system allows ample opportunity for delays.


It cost the taxpayer 370k. The rest was unpaid legal bills.


Had the state lost the case, would they (& the taxpayer by extension) also have been liable for the €700,000?


Not sure. I think I read that there were five legal firms involved. Presumably they were banking on a payout.


Taoiseach says visit to Ethiopia changed his perspective on refugee camps

‘Irish concerns can’t be dismissed - migration is not just responding to crises,’ insists Taoiseach [paywalled]
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What hotelier in their right mind would want to do this? Unless they were located in some God-forsaken midlands backwater. The locals could be unforgiving as it can affect business in a small town and put pressure on local state services. Anyway - I predict this will become an even bigger issue in the coming months.

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*The Department of Justice has issued an urgent call for expressions of interest from hotels and guest houses willing to provide emergency full-board accommodation for asylum seekers for up to six months.

The call-out, which appeared on the Reception and Integration Agency (RIA) website and as an advertisement in The Irish Times on Monday, said it was seeking temporary housing as an “interim measure” to meet the “urgent and increase demand for accommodation” for asylum seekers.*


I wonderz does fire insurance becomes null and void if you express an interest as a hotelier because if it doesn’t this could be seen as a nice little earner. :angry:




The government fund most of these to some extent, why fund them if they are going to spin it like this?


A lot of them are co-funded by the EU, our Govt and the likes of Soros/Feeney.
The Govt have to be seen to be supporting these groups or else they’ll get a kicking in Brussels (and Leo certainly will never countenance that) as well as criticism from the various UN bodies in Switzerland who regularly issue reports on this,that and t’other in Ireland


Chilling’ new direction on asylum and immigration cases

Produce all relevant evidence so claims can be reasonably assessed. Seems reasonable to me.


I was trying to be as neutral as possible but what I was referring to was both formal and informal pro-immigrant groupings. Some receive State funds, some are local groups rallying around people they know.

If you want an example of a pro-immigrant group having the field to themselves and thereby shaping the narrative google the case of Eric Zhi Ying Xhe who made headlines in October.

Factually his mother came to Ireland in 2006 on a holiday visa, overstayed, had Eric in 2009 and falsely claimed an Irish man was the child’s father thereby supporting her case to remain in Ireland and giving Eric a right to citizenship.

When the mother’s deliberate fraud was revealed the Department of Justice lawfully sought to deport them both.

Then the locals got involved with a Facebook campaign, support in the school, politicians were canvassed.

The arguments deployed were totally emotive: Eric’s not Chinese really, he’s an innocent, he’ll suffer in China etc. There was a petition and many interviews with supporters of the family saying they were great. You’d have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by this and to be fairly dedicated to dig out the factual and legal background.

Against that a Department of Justice spokesperson said the department does not comment on individual cases.

Neither Leena Mei Mei Xue nor Eric were deported.


Mr. Justice Peter Kelly has given the people some service, and provided some leadership over the last decade.


There is a lot of bollox in this thread, some from those who should know better and some from mendacious racists with chronic numeric literacy issues.

My young lad finished in college in 2012, fecked off foreign almost on the next plane, met a young foreign wan out foreign, married since, now has 2 kids …and is moving back to Ireland next year when he finishes some postgrad stuff he is at.

So the statistics will show a foreign woman and her 2 foreign kids moving here. Grandad 2Pack will tell them statistics to fuck off. This is the world we live in nowadays. :frowning:


Saw that G B is only paying people on dependancy for only two children, any more after that and the parents have to pay for them. That is to be fair on working people and tax payers, as the past system was unbalanced and favouring large dependant familys with financial and housing needs. A good lesson for us irish to sort out our system


Perhaps you know best. But if you do, then the onus is on you to say why.
bollox? Point it out. Say why.
mendacious racists? Point then out. Say why.
chronic numeric literacy issues? Point it out. Say why.

The discussion is about the general policies around migration.

It’s a ‘globalised world’ as you describe, with nationalized debts.


Interesting approach to statistics and word-play in pursuit of a Left/Immigration agenda from Michael Taft of SIPTU. (E.g. by using the terms “citizens v non-citizens” instead of “foreign-born”, the numbers reduce dramatically.

notesonthefront.typepad.com/pol … facts.html


Lie, damned lies and statistics. Taft talking to his own kind with that piece. Of course they’ll lap up those ‘polished’ stats and regurgitate them whenever possible.
Playing down immigration is exactly what his bosses in the Labour party want.

But let’s face it, the right does the same with stats to suit their arguments too. Just that we don’t have a ‘right’ as such in this country despite Taft’s best efforts to convince all that there is that bogeyman out there in Ireland