Tánaiste Simon Covney Confirms 500,000 migrants for Ireland




Its not binding, but it puts the wind in the sails of the government and NGOs efforts to push for more and more regular migration, implement hate crime and hate speech laws, to get the government to progandise against “counter speech” and tell journos to toe the line by defunding right wing media. I suppose the main aim is to demoralise opposition to replacement level migration. Piles of countries are not signing. When the European elections are over we’ll see a lot more resistance to this nonsense(of course not in Ireland as most people are moral nihilists here).

PS: Love to see a study on the number of houses people are renting out to migrants and their attitude to inward migration. :angry:


A recent oldie but a goldie, for the record:

Here we see Simon Covney a couple of years ago (and possibly since) continuing the Fine Gael family tradition of of attending Bilderberg conference (normally in secret or any form the public eye) while as a Government minister with his Bilderberger pal (and mentor?) former Attonery General, Chairman of Goldman Sachs and Fine Gael’er Peter Sutherland (deceased).

Politicians have resigned for less in other countries.



Oh yes there was…


This is pretty much what has been implemented in Germany and the German Ministry of the Interior has taken a pretty draconian interpenetration of what is “hate speech”. Basically saying the mass migration of unassimilatable people is a bad idea, no mention of actual violence, is considered “incitement” and prosecuted as such. Thats why Facebook et al now has on site censors to implement these laws. Read between the lines in this story and that will be the future for all EU countries.


These are the new blasphemy laws. Enforced by your political masters.


Then why I am getting suggestions for Tony Robinson fan pages when I open my Facebook page in the UK but not in Ireland?

Facebook will take whoevers money comes their way.


Because neither the UK nor Ireland has enacted the EU directive yet. The directive based on the German law was passed about a year ago so in a few years will probably start being “enforced” in Ireland. Given the nature of these beasts. A lot of online content and discussion has disappeared in Germany over the last year expect the same in Ireland within the next five years if the legal status quo remains.


I think in five years “oh yeah, I had a Facebook page once” will be an oft heard remark.

It inevitable that FB face the same liability standards as established media. I’m suprised it hasn’t happened sooner, although that’s just probably a generational lag, like the Japanese Cyber Security minister who doesn’t use computers!

straitstimes.com/asia/japan … -computers

In one way that’s why I can understand the popularity of Trump, he’s not ashamed of his befuddlement.


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As is to be expected, he didn’t answer the question. He droned on and on for 5 minutes but avoided saying anything so I think that tells you all you need to know about what the Govt’s thinking on this UN agreement is


numbersusa.com/PDFs/The%20C … 20Beck.pdf

jstor.org/stable/2123232?se … b_contents

not saving any money + large population growth/immigration = a long decline to third world status after GFC 2.0


Hmmm, sounds like BS to me.
How about - reliance on an agrarian economy at a time when agriculture declined in importance in international trade? Or a military junta that diverted spending to military vanity projects? Or a disastrous nationalism fueled war? Populist giveaway budgets?

Populism and nationalism, IMO, wot done it…


Immigration to a functioning economy increases nominal GDP, so pinning Brazil’s post-2011 GDP slump on immigration is…dubious.


Compact on Refugees


nrc.no/news/2018/november/t … ed-states/


reliefweb.int/sites/reliefweb.i … ief932.pdf

hell bent on giving migrants/refugees a say in our countries while silencing the incumbents


and nominal GDP masks the real economy, real GDP per capita, disposable income per capita etc.
Look at Australia:

So if that continues and GDP keeps growing what is the result? If it keeps going then eventually the average person ends up in poverty as they reach third world levels. Eventually it all blows up. Anyway its just another way to look at it. Its another, hardly talked about, potential negative consequence.


irishtimes.com/news/world/n … -1.3723972


Argentina has economically underperformed because it does not produce any goods which sell for high prices on global markets.

Even Brazil sells jets.


un.org/press/en/2000/200003 … 4.doc.html

See what the UN called in back in 2000, they must of realized you can’t be that direct


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