Tánaiste Simon Covney Confirms 500,000 migrants for Ireland


Chilling’ new direction on asylum and immigration cases

Produce all relevant evidence so claims can be reasonably assessed. Seems reasonable to me.


I was trying to be as neutral as possible but what I was referring to was both formal and informal pro-immigrant groupings. Some receive State funds, some are local groups rallying around people they know.

If you want an example of a pro-immigrant group having the field to themselves and thereby shaping the narrative google the case of Eric Zhi Ying Xhe who made headlines in October.

Factually his mother came to Ireland in 2006 on a holiday visa, overstayed, had Eric in 2009 and falsely claimed an Irish man was the child’s father thereby supporting her case to remain in Ireland and giving Eric a right to citizenship.

When the mother’s deliberate fraud was revealed the Department of Justice lawfully sought to deport them both.

Then the locals got involved with a Facebook campaign, support in the school, politicians were canvassed.

The arguments deployed were totally emotive: Eric’s not Chinese really, he’s an innocent, he’ll suffer in China etc. There was a petition and many interviews with supporters of the family saying they were great. You’d have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by this and to be fairly dedicated to dig out the factual and legal background.

Against that a Department of Justice spokesperson said the department does not comment on individual cases.

Neither Leena Mei Mei Xue nor Eric were deported.


Mr. Justice Peter Kelly has given the people some service, and provided some leadership over the last decade.


There is a lot of bollox in this thread, some from those who should know better and some from mendacious racists with chronic numeric literacy issues.

My young lad finished in college in 2012, fecked off foreign almost on the next plane, met a young foreign wan out foreign, married since, now has 2 kids …and is moving back to Ireland next year when he finishes some postgrad stuff he is at.

So the statistics will show a foreign woman and her 2 foreign kids moving here. Grandad 2Pack will tell them statistics to fuck off. This is the world we live in nowadays. :frowning:


Saw that G B is only paying people on dependancy for only two children, any more after that and the parents have to pay for them. That is to be fair on working people and tax payers, as the past system was unbalanced and favouring large dependant familys with financial and housing needs. A good lesson for us irish to sort out our system


Perhaps you know best. But if you do, then the onus is on you to say why.
bollox? Point it out. Say why.
mendacious racists? Point then out. Say why.
chronic numeric literacy issues? Point it out. Say why.

The discussion is about the general policies around migration.

It’s a ‘globalised world’ as you describe, with nationalized debts.


Interesting approach to statistics and word-play in pursuit of a Left/Immigration agenda from Michael Taft of SIPTU. (E.g. by using the terms “citizens v non-citizens” instead of “foreign-born”, the numbers reduce dramatically.

notesonthefront.typepad.com/pol … facts.html


Lie, damned lies and statistics. Taft talking to his own kind with that piece. Of course they’ll lap up those ‘polished’ stats and regurgitate them whenever possible.
Playing down immigration is exactly what his bosses in the Labour party want.

But let’s face it, the right does the same with stats to suit their arguments too. Just that we don’t have a ‘right’ as such in this country despite Taft’s best efforts to convince all that there is that bogeyman out there in Ireland


I don’t think Ireland could bring that in until the 8th was repealed and the next step will be to remove a woman’s right to stay at home. It will be a while before they can even suggest they limit welfare to 2 children. I was very surprised that the child benefit used to go up for the third and subsequent child but that changed a few years ago.


President Higgins warns of the return of 'an ugly, xenophobic corruption of nationalism’

Video of Mansion House event marks centenary of first Dáil


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Could easily have been put in the Brexit thread but relevant here too as this is thinking is prevalent across ‘the west’. Divides people instantly. Suddenly new arrivals are not welcome.


The Daily Express, paper of record for mad racists.

They’re using 2011 stats. The population has changed since then, and the BBC is probably using projections, like these:

ethpop.org/Presentations/Ne … 20Rees.pdf


I’ve come to the conclusion that the maddest racists are the self proclaimed liberals who perceive people from non white backgrounds as being inherently inferior to themselves, and thereby in need of special assistance in the navigation of the day to day, in the form of quotas etc.

In the case of the U.K. such an approach across the board is easily debunked by comparing the experiences of ethnic Pakistanis and Indians ie Indians generally massively outperform the native white working class whilst the majority of ethnic Pakistanis (and Bangladeshis) remain ghettoized ie the problem is not structural or racism, it is the compatibility of certain groups with their host society.

Anyway the more they push this nonsense the better as it will simply create a societal and political reflex. Sooner the better IMO.


I’ve never met a “self proclaimed liberal”, possibly because I don’t live in America.


You obviously don’t know anyone in their 20s


This is actually true.


Hinduism has a caste structure.

Islam doesn’t.

Most Indian immigrants (not just in the UK) are high-caste Hindus. It’s not a big surprise that a high-achieving group in one places becomes high achieving in another.

Same with Lebanese Christians and Egyptian Copts. They are the rich group in their own society and it’s no big surprise that they do well when they leave too.

It’s amazing how little attention anyone outside India pays to the caste system, compared to, for example, Apartheid in South Africa.


Well upwards of 45% of Indian migrants in the U.K. are Sikhs who, like Muslims, don’t have caste as part of their religion. Yet they still massively outperform Muslims from basically up the road in the Northern Punjab.

While pre-migration socioeconomics must obviously feed into the respective experiences on some level, that some religions and cultures are more compatible with each other is hard to discount. Similar story with Vietnamese in France vis a vis other groups etc.

Its basically a skewed form of racism on the part of ‘anti-racists’ etc ie the unwillingness to hold non-white people to the same standards that they apply to whites, with the only logical reason being that they don’t view them as equals.


Assuming you are excluding yourself from this category of ‘anti-racists’, how are you “holding them to the same standards” exactly? I mean in practical terms, in your life.


He only eats chapattis… :wink: