Tánaiste Simon Covney Confirms 500,000 migrants for Ireland


Neither of those claims is true.

It’s perfectly likely that parents are able to transmit (through whatever means) whatever it is that preserves social status to their children. And this effect can persist even for generations.

So a group with a high social status in one place is very likely to preserve it when it migrates.

This claim is plausible even if you don’t acknowledge that intelligence generally drives income and social status, or indeed if you believe that intelligence is not even partially heritable.


You appear to be in disagreement with the reasonable assertion made by the previous poster to the effect that the impact of caste in India does not differ substantially to that of the impact of apartheid in white run South Africa.

I happen to agree with the statement and have suggested that a form of prejudice lies at the root of why one became a global issue while the other remains ignored by the type of activists who generally tend get extremely exercised by such matters.

Perhaps you could elaborate as to why you think that may be the case…given that was the actual point responded to


Apologies. I meant nearly half of Indian migrants to U.K. are Punjabis which is a geographical term often used as shorthand for Sikh. A strong majority of Punjabis in England however are Sikh.

Many (mainly Muslim) Pakistani Punjabis have also migrated to England and I think it’s fair to observe the difference in experience between different groups from more or less the same geographical region, in much the same way that the experience of Irish Catholics and ‘Scotch Irish’ migrants to the United States differed in the 19th century.

Edit - Re the caste thing, my understanding is that Sikhism was founded partly in opposition to the caste system and while some Sikhs may in practice identify as members of a caste such as jats etc, it’s essentially in opposition to their professed religious beliefs…in the same way that some Muslims in South Asia will unofficially identify with forms of caste denoters for historical reasons.




Brexiteers Abu


update here is Stefan Molyneux in conversation with John Waters. “Will Ireland survive?”.
nice to hear not agree on everything. enjoy!


abc.net.au/radionational/pr … a/10807846

Nicholas Van Hear
Deputy Director of the University of Oxford’s Centre on Migration, Policy and Society.
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As if the UN Global Compact wasnt enough…this is the new line of thinking…provide ‘refugees’ areas for them to run their own laws, setup assemblies and vote etc. Pretty much states within states. How would you like parts of Ireland/Europe handed over to Sharia law?
'Why would it be opposed? I dont care what they think"

Says it all.


Looks like there’s no more room at the Inn…(there was another story earlier last week about immigration officials increasingly refusing “leave to enter” and ramping up deportations.)

irishtimes.com/news/crime-a … -1.3794450

*Tensions rise in direct provision centres as asylum claims hit 10-year high
Overcrowding in centres is now so ‘acute’ that maintenance work cannot be carried out
This accommodation crisis was unfolding at a time when Brexit, Ireland’s recovering economy and new employment rights for asylum seekers in the Republic were very likely adding to an increase in the number of asylum seekers, says the briefing material obtained by The Irish Times under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Department of Justice documentation says illegal immigrants in Britain, “fearing a tightening of UK immigration laws and enforcement after Brexit”, may come to Ireland and claim asylum.

The “information note on asylum trends” says **if the level of new asylum claims remains high, Ireland will need “to examine further” the decision last year to allow asylum seekers to work. **

Since the briefing material was written last September, the number of asylum seekers coming to Ireland has remained high and the pressure on accommodation has intensified

Because of the housing crisis in the Republic, the Reception and Integration Agency, which is responsible for direct provision accommodation, has been struggling of late.

New accommodation is now much harder to find, and **about 700 people whose asylum claims were successful are still living in direction provision because alternative accommodation is not available. **Recent requests for additional accommodation enjoyed very limited success.

Efforts to bring on stream more direct provision places have been undermined of late by suspected arson attacks at centres being readied in Moville, Co Donegal, and Roosky, Co Roscommon.


independent.co.uk/news/uk/h … 93331.html

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Now this kind of thing has been going on for a long time, this next article is from 2006
dailymail.co.uk/news/articl … ruits.html


Ringsend sewerage system overflows.

rte.ie/news/dublin/2019/022 … nd-sewage/

“The Ringsend plant is operating at 20% over capacity treating sewage for a population of 1.9 million instead of the 1.6 million it was designed to take.”