Tax Avoider Denis O Brien Parties with Sean Fitzpatrick

Two scumbags throwing a party in the Shelbourne last friday night and expect everyone to celebrate them. Fuck off back to the carribean, O Brien, you worthless piece of scum.

Not just lynch Neary then…

Greed is greed. You have to fight it wherever you find it.

Is it Malta he’s legally resident in, or am I thinking of someone else?

Heard a story about his running of Digicel in the caribbean. Apparently he spends about one week per 3 months out there, during which time he makes everyones life a living hell, and they all have to jump to attention when he enters a room. Then he goes home, and everything goes back to normal again. That said, anyone decent working for them gets paid a near fortune, as they’d have to to be able to stick it out there.

MOD EDIT - for possible libel…as far as we’re aware these people have been found guilty of nothing

The reason the prosecuters in the USA are more aggressive is because they are directly elected by the people of the county or city. If they dont deliver justice they dont get relected. Hence you get guys like the guy in your signature, Eliot Spitzer.

America has real democracy. We have indirect representative democracy. Dont expect prosecutions of powerful elites in Ireland any time soon.

slightly OT, but

its 1 week per month, and I wouldn’t call it hell. Ask any single and some married people in telecoms in ireland and they’d bite you’re hand off to get a senior position out there.

as for PJ Mara, he’s also on the Digicel board

WTF sort of country is Ireland? Why live here? I’d sooner pay my taxes to another nation, knowing a proper democracy exists. Ireland (the system) is giving the ordinary people of this state the two fingers and laughing all the way. This must be tackled. Emergency legislation, I don’t know, but something must be done. The country if fubar, plain and simple. Fubar. |O

Course he is. You can tell the character of a man by the company he keeps.

I wonder if PJ Maras sons house has been repossessed yet. It was reported on this forum that it was underway. Maybe O Brien has given him a digout.

Dont forget that they are business partners too: … cks-loans/

If anyones in the vicinity of Dublin Airport tonight, can you do your country a favour and jump the fence and leave an invoice on the windscreen of O Briens jet, for capital gains tax owed in the amount of €40 million due on the sale of Esat Digifone to BT.

Either that, or put a dead mackerel in the air conditioning so he has to smell it all the way back to the Cayman islands, or wherever the rat holes up these days.

Very much OT, but if you look at the US experience it becomes clear that elected prosecutors are a recipe for abuse of power, grandstanding and electioneering. I certainly don’t condone the delay in our own prosecutions (though it’s probably more likely that the delay is on the Garda side - not the DPP’s office) but the appropriate response would be to set up a dedicated unit (along the line of the CAB, or perhaps extending its remit) to deal with white collar crime.

Were the directors of Anglo Irish in breach of Company Law by approving non recourse loans to each other?

Eh, no. America has an indirect representative democracy with a gerrymandered senate. We have real democracy. That we continue to elect the people we do says more about us than it does about the people we elect.

So youre saying Eliot Spitzer and other US prosecutors were not directly elected by the people of their cities? They were appointed, irish style, were they?

With respect, yoganmahew, you are wrong.

It’s a mixture; DAs are elected or appointed, Federal Prosecutors are appointed by Federal elected officials. Spitzer was elected NY Attorney General by the people of NY & the same people thought enough of the job he did that they went ahead & voted to elect him Governor when he ran for the post.

But in any case, they are far more democratically responsible than any equivalent post in Ireland.

What do we get ? An Attorney General who is appointed, but doesn’t have to explain any decision to the public.

The only country that comes close to the US in true democracy is Switzerland. When was the last time you were asked to vote on a county bond issue? Or city workers pensions? Or term limits for elected officials? Or your financial regulators?

The US is far from perfect and often gets its knickers in a twist but the overwhelming tendency to push the democratic decision process to the most local possible level at least gives it a chance to reform itself over time. I can see a real and realistic process for reforming the deeply dysfunctional California system with its many difficult and complex issues in the future whereas Ireland with its relatively simple and straight forward problems is utterly unreformable because of its populist peasantocracy.

I was, as you well know, referring to their politicians. Tinkering with public perceptions by allowing some minor direct elections (many sheriffs are also elected directly) does not fundamentally change the nature of the system.

Is O’Brien’s support for Fitz stronger than anticpated, remember this article:

O’Brien accuses Quinn of triggering bank crisis

Fitz would have known about the arrangement. What a bunch of pricks.
Honestly its revolting but the people are not revolting unfortunately :frowning: