Tax-dodging landlords face court action

Fines of €3K? Pfffffft.

This is ludicrous. The fine should be a proportion (say, 15%) of all the rent they had collected from the unregistered unit. All that rental income also to be automatically communicated to the Revenue for additional fees, charges, and income tax due. Repeat offenders get the unit seized by CAB.

Enough of all this highly expensive arseing around. Do the damn job properly or not at all. I’m totally sick of ineffectual FF hand-flapping and acting busy in every area of corporate governance and regulation. Bastards.

Surely this must currently happen? Tax evaders have to settle up.

Ever thought that the people most likely to be caught out here are the very ones who legislate for it?
Aren’t the biggest conmen and women in this country the politicians?

Yeah but it’s not done in an organised systematic way, it’s all very random and ad hoc. The Revenue should have a team in the PRTB HQ automatically cross-checking every single registration that comes in to see if the landlord is declaring their rental income for tax.

If landlords are not registered with the PRTB from this year on, then they automatically become liable for tax at the full rate of income tax (prob 41% + PRSI in most cases). The Revenue might not chase them straight away but at some stage they do and then they’ll be liable for interest an penalties on top of the 41%. I doubt it’s all that difficult for them to get the list of judgments from the PRTB and put it into their system. What’s the rush for them when interest and penalties are clocking up by the day.


To be fair, I think the OP is talking about rent a room (“large double room ensuite”).

I think a database admin fresh out of college, getting paid €15 an hour, could knock together a perfectly adequate set of SQL commands to make this happen. I don’t think a “team” as such would be needed.

Ireland can’t realistically have more than 1 million landlords and 2.5 million tenancies. Modern databases are designed to comfortably handle ten times that amount. As IT challenges go, this is a laugh.

As for the fine of €3k: assuming the defendant immediately admits everything and contests nothing, won’t bringing it to court comfortably cost more than ten times that figure?