Tax take is FUBAR

Looks like we are 1.3 bill in the red for this year
1.2 bill in black same time last year.

Gov has asked hospitals to cut back on spending by 25%.

Looks like the good times are here. :open_mouth:

the property market will pick up and things will be back to normal.

The government is going to have to look around for ways to raise further revenue to pay for an overstaffed, overpaid and inefficient public sector workforce.

The recent murmurings about tuition fees for students is just the tip of this iceberg.

That reminds me, I should really put in for my 9% increase! :wink:

If you’re going to quote facts, see where they came from. The tuition fees “murmurings” came from some of the Universities, the Govt stated nothing of the like…

…and our universities are subsidised from general taxation. I stand by my previous comment.

When governments want to test the water on a potentially unpopular issue, it’s best to get a third party to plant the seed. FF is taking a leaf from The Blair Book of Media Manipulation.

I’m on the inside on this one - you are completley wrong!

Some of us actually had to pay tuition fees because the abolition of same is relatively recent in this country. Personally I’m not sure that I am completely against them per se…there’s a tendency in this country to know the price of many things but the value of very little.

In one way, if there were full student fees I for one would probably not have spent 7 years in college, I worked hard to support myself as it was.

But at the same time last few years of students going through in my few years as a posgrad started caring even less than we did. The value of free fee’s is not appreciated and is taken for granted.

But I do not believe we have a hope of being a knowledge economy without it. Becuase some people simply wouldn’t go.

Lets get back on topic

part of the reason this year is worse is because SPENDING was higher in H1 as a result of there being a general erection (sic)

same in 2002

Ditto, a chara. Stick on the kettle and we’ll have a good yarn about it. I’m sure we’re due a break by now anyway… :smiley: