Tax the rich - to 110%


Is that for single or married couple ?

Looking at that chart, my own ‘contribution’ is *considerably *more.


ps200306 do those figures include USC/PRSI?

If they do does that mean that someone on 50k pa pays 12% of their income in tax???

How do those charts compare to other EU countries?


It’s very raw and potentially useless data as released by Michael Noonan, TD. Joint assessed are counted as 1 unit. Link


I don’t understand it either. I’m in the 70-80k single earner couple and I pay out much more in line with what you get from the figures here:

16% would be US levels of low tax. I’d be delighted. I reckon I pay closer to 40%. I don’t imagine that’s unusual.


USC and PRSI aren’t taxes, according to this, no matter what you or I might think.


I’ve just assumed a basic 4% PRSI for most cases because the various classes and exceptions just make it a headache, but I think the real tax burden becomes a bit more apparent.


It appears that our taxation system stops being progressive when you earn more than €150k.


Hmm. Up until a week ago I was earning quite a bit more than 150k. And I was paying quite a bit more tax than that graph shows, even with USC and PRSI included – over 10% more, in fact. “Fortunately” I no longer have to worry about it. :angry:


I think all the married couples/joint assessment stuff is messing it all up.

The best way to avoid paying tax is to avoid earning money. Simples.


Yeah, I think you’re right. A couple both earning 40k, so 80k household income, each pay less than a third of the tax a single earner on 80k pays…


Exactly. That’s why I gave them both up.
And I intend to spend my savings before they start taxing what you have, in addition to what you earn.


If you don’t get to spend it in the pub on a Friday night, then it’s a tax … BD


If you don’t get to spend it in the pub on a Friday night, then it’s a tax … BD


That’s taxed too! :frowning:


I was reading about beer tax in France last night. The new budget proposes to increase by about 30% the excise duty. Some information I gleaned:
Excise in France on beer may increase to 7.20 euro per hectolitre (this is an average, because it’s calculated based on alcohol content and size of brewery, with artisan brewers getting a bit of a break).
In Denmark, it’s 8.55 euro per hectolitre. In Ireland it’s 15.71, UK 22.70, and Finland 29.90!
In Germany, excise on beer is about 3.93 per hectolitre. XD

Anyway, the outcome in France should be a small impact on a demi at the local cafe (already quite expensive), but a noticeable increase on beer prices in the hypermarches.