Taxman clamping down on Solheim Cup Rentals

We are considering renting for the event. The rates seem very high on some properties. I found an article in the indo about the Taxman persuing homeowners like a “Sheriff of Nottingham”
Here’s the story I also found in the Meath Chronicle

Why is the Taxman making such a big deal of this? Will the B&B’s, hotels, bars and restaurants be persued to the same degree? I was looking through the website that advertises these properties, some of the house owners only include their First name with phone number, hhhmmm.

Will I tell him or will someone else? 8)

Dont be daft !

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I may have missed something but…are you suggesting that the taxman should not, perhaps, looking at this source of income? Of course, the B&Bs and hotels etc being business will not be excluding Solheim cup related income from the their tax declarations and nor should individuals.

Revenue are one of the few agencies of the state I would have implicit trust and faith in to do their job to a consistently high standard.

Just don’t get them to install your burglar alarm :nin


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I assure you that property is not mine. I wanted readers to give opinions on the rates being offered. The site is

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here’s my opinion, seeing as you wanted it.

Whoever thinks that he can get 12,000 for that is not only really greedy but really stupid.

You could stay somewhere nice miles away and fly in by helicopter every day for that

Thanks - an opinion at last!!
But you’re wrong. We know of someone with a 3 bedroom apartment that has received full payment of €6,500. And another supplying a 5 bed house that has secured their deposit.

Quoted from the indo:
“One homeowner in Trim – a 30-minute drive from Killeen Castle – is offering their five-bedroom house for €19,000.
It boasts of added benefits including a “full fridge of goodies, breakfast, chauffeur-driven '07 Range Rover and house maid”.”

Anyone seen this house listing? I can’t seem to find it

There was someone talking about this on the Meath forum over on boards. The boards thread has now been deleted.


Just make sure the taxes are in order.

Probably deleted because of spamming of that rental website.

the Indo

the same newspaper that regards Rosie Davison as a Supermodel, Brian McFadden as a Star and Gerald Kean as a celebrity. :unamused:

Seems to be gone now but I remember seeing it the last time someone was on here trying to spam that site.

It sticks in my head because I was wondering if they had a proper carriage licence and insurance, but I’m sure the revenue will pass on the details to the carriage office when they are doing their checks.

That was my guess too.