Taxpayers pay price for affordable housing (market support)

Yah!!!, but there is more!

So the state will not subsidise crummy showboxes by €100k but sets a marker on better built houses…and sells them at a big discount.

Ohhhh Ouch! the distortion, The distortion !

And planning permission is granted for houses that are poorly built, poorly laid-out or poorly located…because… :question:

Dick? Dick are you there?


Ah yes, and I’m sure the Irish tax payer will be funding the PR companies (headed by blonde wans who wear sunglasses on top of their head even in January).

And I have no doubt the “preferred” PR companies were chosen – as were the radio stations who bribed politicians to get their licences in the first place (a win-win situation if you ask me). Ireland is riddled with it.

Would be very interesting to see how much “savings” there really are when you weigh up the costs of PR agencies, advertising, the beast of an organisation that is the the affordable housing agency, not to mention all the wasted political effort.

Affordable housing is a scam – I was saying this back in 2006 and I was ridiculed for it.

Just as an aside.
I was talking to a planner in my area (Co Wexford) and he mentioned that they now have lots of builders offering affordable housing within the developments they find hard to sell . Up to this the developers were only prepared to offer the affordable housing on a seperate site or make a payment instead.

At a 2% discount to the full bubblicious market price, gan doubt.

Ah those lovely builders, t’wud bring a tear to yer eye, them being so focussed on their social responsibilities and all.

Wow, 8k off a house in a falling market. They really twisted the knife to get value there didnt they, for a whopping 2.x percent or so off, in a market with discounts up to 20% being offered on new builds as opposed to 2nd hand.

Thats OUR money, and the government are handing it over to developers, using the cover of AHS, just like we predicted.

This predicted event of Government market support via the proxy of Social Housing, affordable housing etc. etc. tells you more about how Ireland is run than anything else I believe.

My understanding of the affordable housing scheme is that it’s basically a lottery where you stick you name down and if your number comes up they give you a gaff at 20% less than the one next door. Or am I way off the mark here?

I can’t see past it being a huge distortion of natural market forces, no matter what the arbitrary criteria or rules they impose are.

Indeed, the whole thing is ridiculous. Either you earn enough that you should reasonably be able to afford a place, which should include most people in a decent full-time job, OR you should be renting or in some form of social housing.

It sticks in my craw that the situation has got to the point where quite high-earning people are getting support in the form of AH on top of all the tax benefits of paying a mortgage rather than renting.

And people still say this bubble is sustainable…

So what will happen to the affordable housing schemes as prices fall? Will they go away? Or, like all bloated bureaucracies, will they remain in place to continue distorting the market?

Dev - Err Minister, you know that piece of land that you zoned for me and we were going to make a killing on…
Min - Of course I do… how did we do?
Dev- Not that well, apparently the plebs have gotten wise and arent buying anymore. Do you know any more PLEBS willing to pay over the odds that could get me out of this hole.
Min - I do, leave it with me. This is a grand ol’ tent

Jaysus - you might possibly convince me that he was in on the shooting of Michael Collins, but the institutional rip off of FTBs through dodgy land rezoning - never :wink: