TD calls for a stop to more Ukrainians and "I suppose" all the others too

Getting in first …before the Christmas rush?
Self preservation kicking in after much verbal kicking from locals?

Who knows but,

He said that Clare has “exceeded capacity” in terms of providing care and support to Ukrainian people.

“Violate EU law”

EU is now utterly authoritarian, with rapidly introduced Directives now Inviolate International Law… this is the directive in question. But at this stage Brussels could make pretty much anything “law” and our politicians and press would fall over themselves to enforce it.


Everyone wants there Article 5 to be like totally the best, but when was the last time you heard someone mention the Irish Article 5? :whistle:


Ireland is a sovereign, independent, democratic state.

Src: Irish Statute Book

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Demoralisation. Humilitation. Too late… the people know what’s up.