TD calls for clocks not to go back this year because COVID


I dont have any problem with that, however she is saying

“I just suggested to the Taoiseach that he consider not putting the clocks back because, under new arrangements next year, we are not going to be doing it anyway.”

I thought Leo previously torpedoed this despite the vast majority of the public wanting according to polls carried out last year (I think) because of a time difference between Ireland and the UK of one hour would be just too difficult to comprehend for businesses or some such nonsense.
What’s the story?


Time zone should be determined by Geography, not politics, Ideally we should be on GMT -0:30 as that suits the geographic location the best, but GMT (UTC) is in reality the best timezone for us.
Perhaps we should be organising our work days around the daylight rather than moving the click to suit the working hours.


The effects on software systems of not doing such a regimented change two weeks from now are boggling, there isn’t even time to begin estimating the risk, very dangerous and foolish for such a whimsical benefit.


So True, so many automatic clock change apps out there, it isn’t funny!
Every Phone, PC in the country uses at least one clock that will automatically change.


Hadn’t even considered this, very valid point, of course there isn’t time for this.
If it’s happening “anyway” next year I’m surprised there hasn’t been more in the press about it, as there will be a huge effort needed to get all electronic equipment ready for the change I’d imagine.


Payroll, social welfare, supply chain systems some running cobol, 2,3,4 & 5g radios,… the list would take two weeks to compile


Irish pork barrel be all like, “… sure, do you think we could get a y2k thrown in while we’re at it?”