TD salary and expense figures 2005 to 2008

In spreadsheets!

OMG :open_mouth: I don’t care if it was over 4 years but OMFG :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

What we need to do here is a get the dataset and feed it into a handy plugin in illustrator or photoshop which will size the face of each of these donkies depending on the size of their expenses.

Thanks gavin, pretty stark reading and a very sickening feeling comes over me as I read through the list of names and amounts on your main post.

You never see a poor politician do you?

It’s interesting to look through the Oireachtas declaration of interests while considering the expenses these goons run up.

It would also be interesting to know what structure all the Lenihans use to avoid declaring any interests. A family trust of some sort?

It would be excellent if we had comparable figures for other countries.

A headline like “Ireland pays TDs 30% more than EU average” would certainly become a prominent news story.

The bigger the expense the ruddier their cheeks, the more lacsivious the grin, the more wicked the leer.

I bet we could get some real grotesques out of it :smiley:

Ah come on Coles. We’d be bitchin if she had an interest in 12 houses. I’ve never heard MOR being on any directorships and I wouldn’t leave Conor Lenihan in charge of the remote control. I’ll take the Lenihans at face value till I see otherwise.

Fuck. Me.

Time for a new smiliey.

Jesus, we’re being royally fcuked here 8-

How the fcuk does someone spend 75k in travel in one year - especially some proven toe-rag like Lowery…

I have a renewed hatred for politicians!

it’s just a wave of corruption, cronyism, bankruptcy, scandal and scams everyday it’s just incessant. Me arm is sore from shaking me fist. I haven’t been able to put it down since September 08 it’s been that incessant. Now the World Cup has started I definitely won’t be able to take it down :frowning: and I used to like the French which makes it worse.

The scary thing these figures dont even include the likes of Stationery, Ict equipment and consumables, which runs into several more thousands every year.

If this sort of money was invested in creating jobs I could see through it. Jaysus, even if it was invested badly and projected targets weren’t met and it fell short, etc., you might give out a bit, whinge, crib and moan that a lot more could’ve been done. But in this case, you may as well soak €97.6M in laundered diesel, put a match to it, invite your mates round and have the BBQ of the century.

If this ever got the coverage it deserved and they were asked to account for it, all that would happen is the system would be blamed. XX

You’re missing the point, FB2. These politicians have been on a salary that is in excess of 3 times the average industrial wage for most of their working lives, and yet despite all that income they declare no interests. How can that be? How can you earn so much money and have no interests?

The truth is that they do have interests, but for the political optics they are concealed from the public. Now, back to the initial question, how is it done? Are their interests held in their spouse’s names? It wouldn’t be the first time, and perhaps the ‘declaration of interests’ needs to take this into account.

The answer to this appears to be in one of the Ivor the engine opinion pieces:

It’s almost like, why have any laws at all? Sure I’ll sign all my debts or asset into my wife’s name, can’t be touched. The whole thing is a f%^king joke.

Even the journalists don’t have questions on this, they don’t have one brain cell among the lot of them, no exposure to norms outside the state.

a very very interesting question indeed.
good work cole

To the best of my knowledge, members of the Oireachtas and County Councillors are obliged to declare an interest in all property including the family home. It would seem that a considerable number of such people do not understand that.