TD's and their property holdings … king62.htm

The full list is here on the RTE site

while for comparison the 2006 list is on the Oirechtas web site … scending=0

Blue Horseshoe

Anyone fancy tracking their equity level? Maybe map it to TDs quotes?

Those that invest have clearly believed the hype - property in Bankso, Portugal, Dubai, the arse end of nowhere (Roscommon); shares in ISEQ standard bearers. SSIA roll-over equity products.

The thing that strikes me is how little these TDs have in investments. For example, Joan Burton who is Labours spokesperson on finance owns no shares.

That’s hardly surprising is it? :open_mouth:

Not sure I understand your surprise? I would have thought any adult earning 100k+ like a TD would have some investments, and shares are a pretty normal investment. Particularly if you’re the Finance spokesperson you would have thought you would be interested in investing.

What about the minister for finance?

Now you’re just kidding with us.

If you’re a party hack with eyes on the leadership finance or foreign affairs is the jumping off point. You don’t tend to get the top job from anywhere else.

Not quite Labour party ethos.

Being a spokesperson on Finance does not necessarily require a stake in equities. It certainly does not!

More important, would be a relevant qualification or some experience in the Financial or a related industry, I would have thought…

Bertie was a Minister for Finance, with a rainy day fund and an ability to take out loans without any paperwork despite not having a bank account…

I think we can excuse Joan not dabbling in the markets, she probably has good uses for her money…

17 Ailesbury Road might be worth keeping an eye on. Bertie the 1st has a nice pad there. It used to be the Chinese embassy apparently

Answer is simple - all assets held in the name of the Spouse.

If Wiki is correct, she has alot more credentials than some of our previous finance ministers, nevermind spokepersons!!!

Frank Fahey has the biggest portfolio of properties as far as I can see on a quick glance.

Wikipedia mentions the questions arising from having such riches… must be from the huge schoolteacher’s salary, and then senator’s:

From the register of interests:

code 2 apts Castlerea, Co. Roscommon: letting;
(2) Apartment 8A, 16 Eglinton Court, Galway: letting;
(3) House at Kilbeacanty, Gort: letting;
(4) Apartment at Dun Aengus, New Docks, Galway: letting;
(5) House at Dun na Coirribe, Galway: letting;
(6) House at Liscannor, Co. Clare: letting;
(7) House at Rinawade Close, Leixlip: letting;
(8) Shareholding in apartment at Dun na Coirribe, Galway;
(9) Shareholding in extended family owned properties at Moydrum, Athlone: letting;
(10) Shareholding 4 Apts & Shop, Lower Gerald Street, Limerick: letting;
(11) Shareholding in Sage Construction Co. Ltd.;
(12) Shareholding in retail unit, two offices and warehouse at Crowe Street, Gort;
(13) House at Jumeirah Estates, Dubai;
(14) Dwelling house at The Grove, Crowe Street;
(15) Shareholding in apartment at Starthmore Road and
one apartment at Tappan Street, Boston, Massachusetts: shareholding in Fahey Higgins L.L.C. Boston;
(16) Five apartments owned in partnership at Rue Paul-Emile, Janson 1000,
ten apartments owned in partnership at Rue Du Sceptre 1015, Brussels;
(17) Apartment at Chancery Lane, Dublin 2;
(18) Apartment at Cathedral Place, Limerick: letting;
(19) House and site at Villefranche, France;
(20) Deposit paid and contract signed on property at Porto De Mos,
deposit paid at Lagos and Mongadoha Lameira, Alcantarilha, Portugal;
(21) Apartment at Irishtown, Dublin.

This is win-win, despite Franks outlay being minimal on mortgages, etc., (I’m sure), it’s nice to see such confidence in the property sector globally, it’s also great that Frank is willing to bear the brunt of diminishing returns across the country like the common investor…

Sound man… But why Frank, why???


Holy Lord this tit is so exposed to rubbish property he should be taking the stand at the Mahon tribunal. In a year he’ll sing for a few Euros.

Wot I wrote…

Wot Bertie wrote…

The king of subtlety, arise Sir Bertie of Basher… 8)

Isn’t that Frank STROKE Fahey, the convict?


Business as usual for Stroke … or-stroke/


He’s been elected since 1979!!! That makes his period in office as old as meself…

The people of Galway have alot to answer for in this instance unfortunately!!! :imp: