TDs to keep bonus pay despite Budget vow

A LARGE group of senior TDs will keep their generous €6,400 annual bonuses, despite Finance Minister Brian Lenihan’s Budget promise to scrap the payments. Mr Lenihan’s controversial measures to curb politicians’ pay are far from clear-cut, the Irish Independent has learned.

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Must always read the small print!

Ah FFS. Why is nothing in this country honest and straightforward? Why does nothing do what it says on the tin? Why does everything have to be “cunning” - devious, sneaky, underhand, convoluted? Why does nobody simply talk straight and tell the truth and call a spade a spade, why is every conversation a minefield in a swamp of euphemisms, allegorical tall tales, half-truths, things deliberately left unsaid, hints, nudge nudge, hidden agendas blah fecking blah - and that’s if you ask something simple like “Which bar we going to on Friday night?” God help you if you actually ask about something more serious, you’ll be there all day listening to the convoluted blether and be left none the wiser.

Maybe I should emigrate after all!

I thought you had :wink:

Dan Boyle was on newstalk waffling about it.
BL’s direct quote was put to him a number of times “Deputies will no longer receive long-service payments or increments,” and that this must mean that all long service increments were to go. According to Dan, that’s “one interpretation” of it but not the interpretation that was discussed behind closed doors.

Greens are sounding more and more like Zanu-FF every day, same colour different interpretation maybe Dan?

Think you could be right there Sidewinder… I’m getting a pain in the hole listening to spin, bluster, promises and half-truths… Even on Q+A Eamonn Gilmore was asked if , because he wanted to see Fainna Fail out of Govt, would that mean that he would not go into coalition with them… The simple answer NO was too much for him… Well ya gotta hedge yer bets ya see!!!

I take back anything I ever said that perhaps there is hope for us…
Now what sunny climes are there with even a slight chance of a Job…???

Stick around Sidey, We need every revolutionary we can get! I’ll keep a space for you on the tank when I’m rolling in to Leinster house. You could be Ché to my Fidel, even a T-shirt icon!

Tempted to vote Libertas, sure what’s the worst that could happen?

Tempted to vote AK47 me… :nin

That’s the thing though, only in Ireland could I be considered a “revolutionary” or as it is usually put “not a team player”, “difficult” blah blah blah. All I want is for those around me to be straightforward straight-talking sane people who actually have a f***ing clue what they are talking about, who when they say something they mean it, and who don’t have their heads rammed firmly up their holes! Is that really too much to ask?!

I’m only a “revolutionary” in Ireland cos I’m looking for basic sanity in a country gone completely insane.


If you want to change the country, get up off your arses and do something about it. Set up a discussion group, a website or even, join an existing political party and change it from within. There’s a thing called entryism, ever heard of it:

Yes, anger is a valid response, and in the words of Public Image Limited, anger can be an energy, but if there’s nothing but anger and sitting on the sidelines, then there’s a point at which you become part of the problem.

You change things from within. The world is more malleable than you think.

Joking aside this is the best chance the country has of changing it’s ways, and many here feel that for this to happen, FF need to be wiped out. Even if the alternatives aren’t looking that appealing, leaving FF in charge is not an option or they will continue to believe that running the country to benefit their cronies is the best form of govt. This behaviour cannot continue, and for that they need to be out of power for 10-15 years at least.

I got so angry yesterday at someone who said he’d still support FF because he ‘didn’t like the alternatives’ that I even left the room. FF supporters need to be shouted down for the morons that they are, and they might actually be too embarrassed to vote FF next time.

These fuckers need legal advice to see whether they can abolish payments falling at a future time but they do not need legal advice to backdate tax increases!!! And then I read about that FAS idiot who racked up 400k on govt credit card on restaurants and hotels!

I am absolutely fucking astonished that all of as aren’t in front of the Govt building pelting those fuckers with rotten eggs.

If I’m persuaded to go all the way to Leinster House to pelt those fuckers in govt. with something, then it’s going to be a hell of a lot stronger than eggs !!! Anyone fancy a lunchtime cocktail of the Molotov variety ? 8DD

Sorry, price of petrol these days, I don’t think I could afford one.

I’ll bring a catapult & some week old nappies instead ! :nin