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Count me out.

What’s the odds of this chap popping up in a cushy job in the Commentariat on the back of this?

Someone should interview him and do a series of questions on the evils of nepotism and how it has contributed to this country’s ruination.

I believe one of the Fannings has been commissioned to write that piece :smiley:

There is no need for such a website, it comes from the same stable of monolithic thinking that has given RTE insiders a comfortable living for decades, and belongs completely in the past.
Instead, in this era of smart economics, it is a basic requirement that EVERY candidate for election should have their own YouTube channel, clearly explaining what they are about and why they deserve election.
If a candidate comes to your door with no reasonable excuse why they have not yet created a YouTube channel like JBYeats, then ask them do they mind if you make a short video of their visit, asking them to reply to the list of key questions that you have already prepared.
Any candidate unwilling to go on the record via YouTube is immediately casting doubt on their suitability for election.

Sheesh I can just see all the RTE and media heads being impressed by what young Daniel did. Naturally a normal Joe Soap wouldn’t get an article pimping their website.

It has facebook and twitter on it and everything!

Why do I need to go to some website for a politician to lecture at me? This is classic “old media” type thinking where the internet is just a new type of pipe instead of a new type of interaction.

I don’t need “” vetting candidates and their responses, I want to talk to candidates directly.

I also get the feeling that this is just intended to be a line on a final year student’s CV.!/tell_us_why

Great job, he’s using twitter to tell candidates to go to his website so they can fill out a form saying why they should run the country. Then people can go to his website and see what they said! Internet!


In fairness his Linkedin profile is fun to read.

A mixture of Noblesse Oblige and bullet-proof self confidence gleaned from a privileged upbringing.

It makes me somewhat ashamed of my paltry extra curricular activities in college.
Mine would read:

BlameGame got a good degree and spent a lot of time watching “Fifteen to One” and eating sugarpuffs

Fifteen to One, eh?
So that’s where it all starting going wrong for you…

Aren’t we being a little begrudging on this thread? Anything that increases transparency and openness is to be welcomed in my book. I’m certain this is just one of many ways that politicians will in future be held to account for their slippery promises.

You’re spot on, piece on Rté Radio1 now

Caught on record lying means nothing to the establishment. This is but another way to archive the devious players. An echo wave of the establishment. We all have the power to communicate.

Despise his father’s impeccable D4 liberal credentials but in fairness-know someone who met the son in another context and spoke of him as being an authentic smart cookie. This person can be trusted

yeah right :unamused:

I don’t understand you at all.
Is a D4 liberal not to be trusted?
Is someone to be trusted because they’re not a D4 liberal?

I don’t think anyone doubts that his father is a smart guy either.

In my book if someone gets an Irish independent piece and an RTE piece in the one day they either have impeccable D4 credentials themselves or they’re benefiting from their dad’s impeccable D4 credentials.

If this dude packages himself as the voice of the disaffected youth vote despite being a complete media establishment insider don’t say you weren’t put on notice.

I have no problem with the effort - well I think it misses the point entirely and is mostly useless but so do a lot of websites.

What I do have a problem with is that if it was someone else’s son there’d be no article. This is precisely the attitude that has the country being wrecked by the sons of the guys who wrecked the country the last time.

I remember his brother Jonathan getting a similar boost into the public eye as the “Voice of the Youth” on the Late Late Show back in the 80s.

I also remember my father grunting from behind his newspaper how nice it was of Gay Byrne to do a favour for his old pal, John Bowman.

What don’t u understand? In my book D4 Liberalism is not to be trusted. Didn’t make any comment as regards whether he’s cut from the same cloth as his father. Posters seemed to be a bit sceptical with regard to nepotism issue.All I said is i heard he was bright which is an improvement on most other D4 liberals/Green Party types etc who strike me as being consistently dim, dull, and more worrying than either of the above-terminally deluded. Just an opinion.

Would you care for an opinion on your secondhand opinion? :unamused:

Not much of what passes for “liberalism” these days is to be trusted. Just another opinion.