Now now dont be naive, who do you think is gonna answer the questions, the politician or the PR guru hired by the party to cover his/her ass?
@ the youngster FFS get a life sonny and learn how to be a cute hoor before trying to stand toe to toe with them.
Youth, its feckin wasted on the young!

Knock yourself out. Jst don’t expect me to be anything other than profoundly underwhelmed.

Imagine that… :laughing:

Still formulating then-(opinion)

Formulating? It was implied… Written between every line, you must have missed it…

That’s quite worrying because I had heard from a secondhand source that you were a smart cookie… :angry:

Way over my head. Maybe coz I ducked.Only goes to show how secondhand sources not to be trusted.

His CV on his “Spark” website makes him sound like Ross O’Carroll Kelly: … &Itemid=35

Director of Promotions & Strategy Advisor for Old Wesley RFC Nightclub (2005 - 2008)” - where to start with this one? Surely this is a piss-take? :laughing:
Actually, having read through the blurb on his website, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s a cynical little sht who’s totally up for exploiting children, squeezing them for whatever money he can get out of them on behalf of big corporations. What a knb.


I like the premise and I like the website - it stands on its own merits.

I think the fact that it’s contemporaneous and a good idea is a more rational explanation for the media exposure.

In this case rather than nepotism the fact that the guys late brother and father were and are quite bright and that intelligence is largely inherited is a more rational explanation.

If this guy is such a bright spark - allegedly even by Trinity standards then why can’t he correctly use the third person pronoun?

Interesting quotes from website:

“If you are doing business in today’s world, you need to think seriously about how to reach the ‘Now Generation’: young, impressionable consumers who have grown up in the age of instant information and on-demand gratification.

"We know it’s a cliché, but it’s also a reality: young people are hugely focused on their identity. However alternative or mainstream they consider themselves, **young people are obsessed with fitting in to a particular group, and spend huge time and effort associating with certain cultures and social groupings. The ‘brand’ value of these groupings, the ‘way of life’ they promote, is far stronger than any a company or campaign could ever hope for. ** "

“Young people strive to secure their own identity in the eyes of the world. And one of the strongest ways of asserting who they are is through how they spend their money. However, while they decide what to buy, the funds used come largely from other sources such as part-time jobs and their parents. This makes for an extremely lucrative combination for retailers and marketers: sizeable spend power in the hands of eager, indulgent shoppers.

“Sponsorship & Affiliation offers a focused opportunity for Social Branding. By allying itself to an established, niche institution, (be it a nightclub, social-networking website, student society, or school-age sports club) a business can gain access to a focused group of potential consumers in a relaxed and off-guard environment.

It might be a legit business, but its a pretty dispicable one. God help anyone with children with these kind of parasites knocking about.

Let’s remind ourselves - he’s not selling drugs here or trying to impregnate anyone, just make a few bucks.
Furthermore the target audience is students is it not ?
Can’t someone pity the children is not my first reaction.
Rather in the immortal words of Woo as he takes a piss on Lebowskis rug:
“It was ever thus”

What’s a guy selling drugs doing if not trying to make a few bucks??? :unamused:

Is “their” not correct in this case? It can’t be anything else can it? I know “their” and “there” are incorrectly used quite often though.
Happy to be corrected if I’m wrong.

no, on the webpage “their” is referring to a single person’s response, not the response of a group of people. “His” is correct in this case. Or “his or her”.

The classic [bad] example is
“If you love someone set them free”, ironically by English teacher Sting,
but of course “if you love someone set him or her free” doesn’t sound right.

I’m not normally this pedantic, but this guy fancies himself as a clever boy.

Of course I’ve probably made a mistake in my own response - should have been possessive pronoun or something :slight_smile:

Um, why is paid employment an “other source”? Where would he prefer young people get money?