Templeogue properties - price per square foot?

Thinking of spreading our wings and moving to D6W, Templeogue due to prices. I’m not hugely familiar with the area (i.e. wouldn’t know which estates are “better” than others). Most houses appear to be in the 400-500 bracket. There doesn’t seem to be much of a premium attached to turn key properties over doer uppers. The property price register isn’t much help, even in 2011-2013 prices are from mid 200s to 500+. Do you think there’s a chance of getting something nice around the low 400s?

21 Willington Drive €495k myhome.ie/3124508
499 Orwell Paerk way €475k myhome.ie/3118191
271 Templogue Road €500 myhome.ie/2778640
14 Rossmore park €450 myhome.ie/2837540

Edit forgot to say the above prices per sq ft seem to be inand around 350-380 ish, which doesn’t seem too high already?

Templeogue road is a far nicer area than the other areas mentioned. I dont like it up in “Orwell” there are far too many houses, very little amenities and nothing for teenagers to do - a lot of them “hang” around Supervalu . When I say “Orwell” I include all the estates that join onto it eg rossmore, Kennington, willington etc