Templeroan knocklyon

What your opinion on this estate? Some nice detached houses in there- whats the consensus re WIW,in this case for example

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 16/1910355

that house seems to be asking a premium of 50k+ from looking at what else is around the area.
Nice gaff if a little small from my point of view at just over 1,500 sq ft
And there’s no back garden…the extension took more than half of it and they’ve decked the rest. So would turn a lot of families off

Rented in Templeroan a few years ago, found it nice estate. Never heard of houses or cars being broken into. A few things really annoyed me about it though. 1. The traffic at the school in the estate every morning. 2. It is a 10 minute trek to the Knocklyon Road to the nearest bus stop. 3. Driving onto the Knocklyon Road was a pain with no lights at the bottom of the hill meaning I was in a queue every morning. The houses are a decent size although the fourth bedroom is usually so small you can hardly fit a single bed. This house looks nice but with kids I couldn’t cope with the tiny back garden. I think 450K is expensive when all things are taken into consideration. I see there is another house in the Close on at 379k this to me is a more accurate price.

sale agreed