Ten year yield - Ebbs&Flows

having started the morning at a nice friendly 5.78 the ten year yield is now at 6.08. I presume that as all the NTMA and DoF top brass are off in Brussels they are somewhat delooped.
It seems to be a combo of stress test fears, anglo fears and PIIGS fears

Maybe the markets watched the RTE Freefall documentary last night? :unamused:

6.10 now…


Bond market saves Ireland pouring more money into Anglo…

Fuck !

nudging 6.14 now.

Can these only be got on Bloomie terminals?

Some general market ones here:

I am going to the above in a few minutes. Is there anything you would like me to ask Biffo about this?

Say it ain’t so Biffo?

Just ask him why he’s driven the country over a cliff. Thanks.

where’s the sewage plant that you should have built, cos this buildings in contravention of planning.

Ask him if the government jet is fully fuelled .

any comparison figures with fellow PIGS?

Watch it here.


bberg or reuters. go to bloomberg.com/apps/quote?ticker=GIGB10YR:IND for a 15m delayed ticker. not pretty today
portugal 5.8. we have decoupled…

Ask him if his word is his bond - and if it is, tell him he better start pumping out some of those “word-bonds” - 'cos the Irish government ones are going down the toilet!

Spreads vs. bund are wider for all the PIGS today; but Ireland is the standout.

Ireland 378bps +10.3%
Spain 180bps +3.4%
Greece 942bps +3%
Portugal 351bps +5.3%

Ask him does he know where the smoking area is?