Ten year yield - Ebbs&Flows

its a bit of a blowout eh? the anuerism had to hit sometime


Ask him if he picked the wrong week to quit smoking?

I thought EU special ops were supposed to ‘cap’ PIGS spreads. I’d pretty much assumed (because of EU black ops) that yields were no longer a good barometer of sov. risk. I’m a bit confused by this.

I’d say you’ve been waiting 4 years to use that line! Well done Sir.

:laughing: to the pair of you…

How long till the IMF get here?

heading relentlessly to 6.2, now at 6.178. After it blows thru 6.2, 6.5 next major barrier, then 7.

Oddly, bank shares are holding up well.
I would have thought that at any sign of the merde hitting the government fan, they would be in line for a major drumming.

Note : I’m using a delayed ticker.

Live prices I am seeing shows AIB down just 2.3% BOI down 3.81%

I was wondering about that too. Given that they have to refinance a fair sum this month, one would have thought that it would be bad for them. I suppose we have to look at the trading patterns that are going on in the ten year - a single big seller deleveraging in small chunks would be enough to cause the spike without necessarily affecting the next NTMA auction, maybe?

According to FT Alphaville

Ah good, we will all wet our beaks a little… 8DD

Surely anyone left in Irish bank shares at this stage has 0/https://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e146/vgupload/infinity-1.png as their stop points?

How come this is not in any of the main news bulletins? Oh wait, there is news on the convention centre opening :smiley:

blogs.wsj.com/marketbeat/2010/09 … nks-again/

Guys the value of the irish bonds traded would be almost infinitely larger than the bank shares. They are solely the preserve of Irish institutions and retail investors at this point. Around $1mln of AIB has traded at lunch-time. That’s absolutely tiny, I don’t even run a big book and my position sizes would outsize the whole size of the Irish banks many times over.

Because most people don’t understand the fixed income market. It’s way bigger than the equity market but nobody talks about it in the mainstream media. You only have to see people here asking about Irish bank shares as if there’s anyone left trading them to see people continue to gravitate towards equities since they understand them!

Been priced in already?

If volumes are so low, is it a problem for you when you go to sell your bank positions?