Tenants leaving early - returning to Poland

A sign of things to come? This could be another reason for the increase in rental supply lately:


I’ve no doubt there’s fewer migrants living in my estate in Cork than there was 6 months ago. What I can’t remember is whether it was quiet last winter too?

Some posts are amazing with their level of greediness!!!
I suppose if she will tell them that their deposit is gone…on the day of handing keys she will get ruins inside…but deposit in her pocket

I predicted such a long time ago, I expect ot see more of it too.
Whats to stop people just disappearing. Nothing.

Its not residential rental. Think about commercial, whats to stop a few of those polish shop owners closing up and heading home. Do you think landlords are going to hire EU Private Eyes to track them down, go to the courts and so on…

Right now the only people with the best get out facility are the migrant workers, they have mobility where the incumbant populaiton are pinned to their collar but most importantly I want to know is has that landlord painted the hosue up so it looks nice and doesn’t bring down the tone of the area (let alone the prices :unamused: ).

She’s not allowed withold the deposit, is she?

I thought the law on private tenancies says she has to offer to make an arrangement with them for them to sublet the place for the remainder of the lease, and if they refuse, then witholding becomes an option.

Translated to zloty, that deposit will be serious money in Polish terms, as in a few months wages, so they’ll probably not let it go.

I believe it’s the other way round. They make an offer to sub-let it, she must either agree, or if she doesn’t the lease is then terminated. I have a feeling there is a set number of days notice that still must apply. 28 days in this case.

Regardless of everything else they haven’t given enough notice of termination.

Not sure what happens if they can’t/don’t find someone to sub-let.

If they’ve only given 5 days it’s fair enough she hold on to some cash