Tenants Reviews of Rental Properties and Landlords

A local property is about to come on to the rental market and I know that the tenants who rent it will experience a life of hell. The previous tenants are still struggling to get their deposit back despite fulfilling every part of their lease contract, leaving the property spotless, and having suffered incessant damp, flooding that destroyed much of their personal properties, and having to put up with the stink and rats from his commercial property.

Landlords seek references when vetting tenants, so should it be possible to access reviews of rental properties and their landlords? It might help to weed out some of the ‘landlord’ shysters.

Any thoughts?

I think that’s a bit clean cut. Yes, landlords require a reference, but very few, in my experience actively seek one.

Even if a reference is given, how is the LL to know, really know, if it’s not a pal or someone doing a favour.? And vice versa?

When problems arise in a tenancy - a reference is worth diddly squat. The main problems stem from tenants not knowing their rights and landlords taking advantage or the other way around.

How many times do you hear of a LL taking a tenant on spec? Liking them and hoping things are ok? It’s the same with tenants, how many times have you heard it? “He seemed nice, we signed no contract” and so on.

What would be the best solution is a charter of rights for both tenants and landlords - a third party to hold the deposits as standard. Photos taken by both tenant and landlord, dated and signed on the signing of contracts.

landlords properly inspecting at reasonable intervals.

References? No,

Review of landlords? No.

Because of the personal nature of renting/letting - if you simply dont get on with your LL/Tenant then this could cause problems.

Keep it professional, keep it documented, regulate it and treat it like any transaction that you make.

I had the same thought a while back. A Ratemylandlord.com sort of thing (that url is live, it’s in the USA)

Like all “review” sites, the biggest problem is ensuring that only legitimate tenants post reviews. There are also significant libel issues. As we saw with the ratemysolicitor.com debacle, even if the site is hosted offshore, Irish courts may act to compel Irish residents to take it down if there are potentially libellous posts (especially about members of the legal profession)!


I have yet to have a major problem with one of my tenants. As such I believe that most tenants are fair and reasonable but then again I operate at the higher end if the market.

Perhaps post a link when the property is advertised on Daft so would be tenants know this is one to avoid :slight_smile:

Not all tenants or landlords know and understand their responsibilities.

Sorry for the delay with my response, I was too busy scraping myself off the ground because we agree on something lol.

But that is a good example. You could be a tenant/landlord for years and years, but all it takes is one argument with one tenant or one landlord and that is the only thing that will jump out from any reference check.

Just do it by the book - end of. Be a good landlord and be a good tenant.

Sometimes people forget I am actually quiet reasonale in my approach :slight_smile:

Much like the majority of Landlords.