Terraced House VS Townhouse

What is the shagging difference?

Does townhouse just sound better? Because there are alot of townhouses out there all of a sudden that appeared over the last three years or so that seem to my mind, to be terraced.

Anybody enlighten me with a standard definition?

No difference. Makes more money though.

It’s a bit like “apartment” and “flat”:
Would you pay €300k for a “flat”? probably not. Would you pay €300k for an “apartment”? Probably!


As far as I can see, it’s just estate-agent-speak for “terraced house”.

Are you sure? I thought a townhouse has no private space in front of the house (front door opens on to public space). Although townhouses are generally/usually/mostly terraced houses, you can have a terraced house with a front garden, meaning it’s not a townhouse.

Ah, that’s starting to make a bit of sense…

I think townhouse is what they now call duplexes. In other words you don’t there could be an apartment above or below you and you don’t actually own the physical building, only the airspace.

A duplex is an American term used to describe what the British and Irish call (or called) a ‘maisonette’; that is a flat or apartment in a block that is spread over more than one floor, with its own internal staircase.

And who are we to argue with you on that one… :wink:

Town houses: the exact same as a trc house but must at least be in a town, not the bog arse of nowhere and generally used to ref newer houses.

Town houses / Trc houses must own everything up above them into the sky and down to centre of earth… they don’t sit on top of or bellow an apartment otherwise they are a duplex apartment.

A duplex apartment may or may not have its own front door and is pread over more than one floor.

Thank you. 8)

This does not seem to have been agreed by developers or Estate Agents generally.

When I read townhouse I automatically think of a house on top of an apartment built in the last 15 years and in a “managed” estate. It may not be what the agent means but it’s where my mind goes. If the EA is trying to make the property sound more impressive it doesn’t work for me.

I always read Townhouse to mean “No sound insulation” and terraced house to read “Built to house families of 15”

Red brick, small fireplace in every room, outside loo converted into downstairs bathroom painted in battleship green, only hot water in the gas boiler above the sink, a front parlour that is only for guests (i.e. the pope or John F. Kennedy if he comes visiting), updating means stipling the ceilings, painting the woodwork black and putting up woodchip (de rigour)… that sort of thing?

true and they also get a little confused with the idea of a town house/ trc house v Duplex apartments look at that place up in celbridge where they kept calling apartments houses. the other funny one is location, the amount of houses that are in Swords that are being called Malahide or Stillorgan being described as Mount Merrion, Rathfarnhan has expanded quite a bit too

Indeed, I always thought of Kinsealy as part of Swords, but the number of times you see it described as minutes from Malahide (with no mention of Swords whatsoever).

It’s worse down the country - everywhere in Offaly is in Tullamore, Edenderry or Birr, no matter how far away they are from any of them (e.g. Walsh Island is about 20 minutes away at best from Tullamore).

Did you not get your copy of the EA’s map of Dublin?

I’d get on to the IAVI about that :wink: