Terrible Truth Video - Banned by Nanny YouTube.


It has come to the attention of netizens that Stefan Molyneux’s Terrible truth about 2040 YouTube video (previously linked on the pin here) has been blocked by region and therefore no longer available to view if you sail under an Irish IP address.

Initially Ireland was reported as blocked but according to this online tracker it is now blocked across all of Europe and Israel.

There are further reports suggesting it is not appearing in search results.

Video is still available on bitchute - bitchute.com/video/EhFCioObs24r/

Also as a podcast on the freedomain channel.

Reaction to the video has been strong across rural Ireland according to John Waters in a follow up video with Stefan Molyneux. The YouTube video was possibly at 260,000 views before being blocked.

Some local donegal reaction to the video a couple of days after it was first published.


Up again.



Would it really Frankie, even if it did what difference would it make, Fianna Fail are signed up to this too, as are Sinn Fein, if Labour disagree its only because they think we could take in more “refugees”/immigrants


Google/you tube are spooked and in recent days they are trying to cut out their own recommendation algos for ‘conspiracy’ related content, 9/11 truthers etc. There will be some migration to bitchute etc but it lacks the volume.

Be interesting to see how coordinated and organised Irexit, the National party of Justin Barrett, or affiliations with the Lega can be in the May elections, and how much support they can get, especially in rural Connacht/Ulster. Crossover with the Peter Casey 20%.


Stefan Molyneux is a tedious pseudo-intellectual wingnut who appeals to racist conspiracy-seeking simpletons.

YouTube’s algorithms probably figured this out from the viewing habits of his subscribers.


but on the plus side, there are some good, fairly entertaining, responses and take downs; e.g.


It will be a different EU parliament next June, one far less hostile to constituent nation states in the EU. no more verhoffstwat and drunker.

Molyneaux is a hero, and no one in the media would debate him (I guess Tubs getting his a$$ burned trying to take down Peter Casey scared them away). Its interesting to see Molyneaux and Waters disagree on points in their interview.


Whats the difference between an intellectual and a pseudo-intellectual ?

A pseudo-intellectual is the one you disagree with ? right ?


No. An intellectual is one with domain expertise whose output is respected by other experts in the field, and who confines their output to the domain in which they have expertise, or at least segregates their qualified research from uninformed musings.

There is also the question of objectivity and process. SM appears to be a man in search of facts to fit his theories and theories to fit his ideology.

I use the prefix “pseudo” because his manner of engagement gives an impression of expertise and genuine intellectual curiosity to people who haven’t bothered to fact check or consider the implications of his choice of people with which he shares his platform.

In some respects he’s a bit like a stupider Jordan Peterson, a comparison his feeble minded acolytes probably consider a compliment.


This Redddit thread gives a flavour of the usual discussions around SM’s output

amp.reddit.com/r/samharris/comm … ce_and_iq/

and RationalWiki page…



And for those who prefer video…


Yeah but what do Snopes think about him ?

I kind of know who he is bit still haven’t watched one of his videos yet, but will watch the one right thinking intellectuals don’t want me to see


The Stefan Molyneux: Busted video is quite damning. It has footage of Joe Rogan catching him in a number of lies.


At this stage isn’t the whole Alt-right thing a busted flush?


Don’t really need any third party to know SM is a nut. First ten minutes of that video has a thinly veiled piece about Varadkar that is both racist and homophobic, in one short sentence. I despair because I would like to espouse moderate right wing views but then I would be associated with this kind of thing.


I have suspected you are a total out and out shill for some time. Now I know you are, a tedious one at that.

What amateur hour cocktail of shilltastic magic words you mixed up for us, but all the same nicely done as some users took the bait and you got the thread off-topic within a few posts.

I’ve lost count of how many threads you’ve done this with (but more subtly), this one obviously triggered your algorithms big-league. The sweet irony is you’ve used the same but desperately transparent technique the Irish media did when they took out the hatchets to critique the value of the 2040 plan but squarely aimed them at the messenger (gov media unit). Bury the story (2040 what?). Leo (lovely chap).

Shame it doesn’t work anymore.

Let’s see…

  1. Shoot the messenger.
  2. Introduce the spectre of the “conspiracy theory” strawman.
  3. Smear anyone who might be interested in the subject matter by association.
  4. Smear the subscribers being as clearly being nothing but suspect, cause even the bots can tell also serving as a limp wristed attempt to seem on topic.
  5. Proceed to tend diverted thread, as a self appointed guardian of your new, what is it truthier thread.



Slight aside -

Two channels I have enjoyed tuning into every now and again -

(1) Mystery History - de-monitized towards the end of last year and now (2) The Lost History Channel has been de-monitized also. They have a new Channel “Light Up the Dark” but it probably won’t be long before the same happens.

The reasons cited for the Mystery History De-monitization seemed dubious to me. Copyright infringement. There were certainly no blatant violations but then I’m not fluent in legalese.


The Varadkar swipe wasn’t even veiled. You undermine your motives with stuff like that. I agree with your point too about despairing at being associated with the wackos be they either left or right wing by simply expressing a contrarian view. Unfortunately people like to place each other in particular camps all the time. I do despair.



The only reason I got ten minutes in SM’s video is I agree that the planet is over populated and we will all be eating soylent green in 100 years e.g. The Lancet meat report. Overpopulation is the terrible truth, the solution to that is the terrible problem.


wired.com/story/the-world-m … ssion=true