Tesco cuts prices by 20% in border outlets


Positive move but why only in the border counties? Profits need preserving in the south where the cartels can’t be so easily disturbed?

If I was regularly driving north I’d drive right on by these gougers on to the other stores up north just for forcing me to drive 50 miles north to shop in the same store for decent value.

Have they thought this through?
Shoppers south of the new Tesco border will drive ‘north’ to get the bargains and the new Tesco border will have to progress southwards until it hits the south coast;
Hee hee, have Tesco finally given us a united Ireland.

Agree. I’ll continue to support Lidl, Aldi, Asda and Sainsbury when north of the border. Tesco’s have a very long way to go before their pricing levels come back to anywhere near value (true value), not just on selected items. That’s the free market - they don’t get it.

I’m not sure that United from the North down was quite what was intended 8)

Seems to me like we’ve just been partitioned again? We now have The (People’s Democratic) Republic of Ireland, **No!**rthern Ireland, and Tesco Ireland.

I was thinking the same thing when I did the OP but you put it more eloquently.

Tesco get it very well, which is why they are among the most effective retailers on the planet. They will price any item, in any store, in any country to maximise profit and to hell with what anyone thinks.

I don’t like them, but I have to hand it to them, they know exactly how to do it and they know more about us and our spending habits than anyone else. Whilst the depression in ROI is a bit of a bind, they have very deep pockets and will deal with it. Unlike Dunnes, whose only weapon left is to remind people “We’re Irish”.

It was funny listening to Tesco spin this as trying to keep jobs in the South, trying to keep shoppers in the south. We as a country need to blah blah blah…

I’d have more respect if they told the truth.

We don’t have shops in the North close enough to the border, so these feckin’ shopping tourists aren’t buying from us when they go North.

If they were shopping in Tesco up North, we’d have kept quiet and watched the money roll in.


I also think people like to go to Sainsbury and Asda when in the north as they are not down south and you can buy own brand products in them that you cannot get here - ready meals, wine, etc.

They do have a branch in Enniskillen right beside Asda and a branch in Banbridge (which is a lot more pleasant experience than the melee at Sainsbury’s) but as the previous poster mentioned the shoppers like the ‘novelty’ factor of Sainsbury’s and Asda.

They may claim to be keeping jobs south of the border (down Meheeco way) but they are now sourcing products from non-irish distributors which is really just robbing from Peter to pay Paul

So the checkout jobs are safe but what’s the cost?

And then again there is the minor little detail that Tesco in Enniskillen is dearer than Asda next door for most things, hence the fact Asda is usually packed and Tesco not.

9 Jobs gone in my place today, 15% pay cut for remaining employees, direct result of Tesco cutting out an Irish supplier.
Strong rumours in the trade that the other multiples are going to also eliminate Irish suppliers and buy direct from the UK. This will result in cheaper prices for the consumer, but will also lead to tens of thousands of further job loses, so increasing the downward spiral into economic depression.

Is is morally tolerable to permit free market forces find a floor no matter the cost?

Is it morally tolerable to protect profit margins no matter the cost?

Jasus TUG. Is Ann Fitzgerald your Ma :laughing:

irishtimes.com/newspaper/ire … 82023.html

But are they going to continue the practice of removing the STG price tags, in many cases M&S were charging a 50% mark up on STG price, 12% reduction stops far short of that?

This is Tesco? Who closed three big stores in North Dublin for 2 days this weekend? Forcing me into a Supervalu to shop for a dinner party?

The price drops better be good.