Tesco turns estate agent


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Tesco turns a shilling wherever there is the opportunity to do so.
Fucking Conglomerate Bully

If it means I am not paying 8k commission to some dim witted,pinstiped suited,lazy,E/A for managing to turn up on time and with the correct keys in order that someone who wants to poosibly buy my house can be shown around and if that also means Tesco will finally shake up a cartel of Estate Agent who all seem to charge in and around the same percentage for doing pretty much fuck all…

…then bring it and bring it now!

I’m waiting for the day when Tesco announce they will be competing with laughing lawyers.

This isn’t new - fixed price estate agents turn up in the UK every time there’s a recession. In the 80s it was a fixed price of £650 to sell your house in a lot of cities - that was when the larger UK solicitors groups got into selling houses themsleves instead of acting for estate agents. To be honest I’m surprised no one here has done it over the years. Just rent a cheap shop next to Sherry Fitz and away you go. Sell three houses a week and you’re in the money. Only take on punters who’re willing to sell at a realistic fixed price. It’s a winner alright!

Coming to a Tesco near you ?

Don’t complain about misleading price or product information or expect to get paid an economic price if you are a small supplier or farmer…

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Shopping list.

Beans, Bread, Milk, carrots, bananas, sausages, leg of lamb, frozen chicken balti, 3 bed house, toilet rolls, 2kg potatoes & cornflakes.

That should keep me going for a few days.

Lawyer resents intrusion in cosseted sector shock!

I have a lot of time and time respect for your posts on this board laughinglawyer, which are clearly well informed and there should be many posters around here who, if they have had the good sense to listen to your posts may have saved a few bob.

But what is with the anti-Tesco buzz? My inclination is towards anything that smashes up a cartel lawyers not excepted.

:slight_smile: Absolutely agree about the positive contribution LL makes here - I have learned a lot and have pared down the chip I have on my shoulder a tad.
Just surprised he/she has a blind spot about the nonsensical amounts charged for the office junior or unpaid apprentice checking a fact or two with the Land Registry.

+1 But just remember the PDs who tore into the taxi drivers and left the lawyers, the dentists, the architects and the hospital consultants with their cosy cartels.

The big question…do you get club card points???

Is Dunnes better? No, but “the difference is we’re Irish”. So that’s alright then. :wink:

true, they always do spring up - but do you ever wonder why they never seem to have a market share…? (The ‘Sell for a low fixed fee/private owners sale/internet based agents’ type outfits)

As for the ‘pin striped’ lazy , blah , blah blah comment … again, true in some circumstances, much less true in a downturn in the market as agents cannot survive if they cannot sell.

It’s really not that simple as a long term career.

I have in the past explained my opinion on the lesser known ‘ins & outs’ of estate agency on another post on the ‘pin’ (that you can search)

Please do not take this post as an attempt to start an argument,as I assure you that it is not meant that way. But it is far to easy to make sweeping statements when you are in the company of like-minded people that will not challenge you & not be equipped make valid points to challenge your opinion.

I have been an agent & Auctioneer in 3 countries for over 15yrs and IMHO, its the same everywhere you go.

If you set up a low cost outfit next to SF or DNG etc you would get eaten alive !


Dearie me shot again.

  1. I did not engage in the squalid carry-on of the housing bubble either as a speculator or a laywer. In the last four years I assisted no more than 6 friends to purchase or dispose of property in rational transactions and did so barely covering my own cost.

  2. My initial comment on Tesco is that it is a Fucking Comglomerate Bully -which is exactly what it is.

  3. I am not a house agent, never have been and never will be . I don’t sell property.

  4. I do not offer conveyancing services to the public -there are plenty of solicitors who do and I am happy to suggest prople who will assist buyers and sellers. I dont particitate

From that point of view I have absolutely no interest inthe protection of any ‘cartel’ I just find Tesco a nasty cororate thug. End of story

Of course you have an interest in the protection of the law cartel! More lawyers competing against you = lower wages for you. Do you honestly not see this?

This forum does not exist as a form of inquiistion as to how I do my business or indeed my role in the role of the legal profession and I believe I have some clarity in respect the major issues which are to be debated here.

  1. I DONT do conveyancing for the public (neither do I engage in commeracial conveyancing - I am not in competition with anyone for such business or any related property matters. I am on record longer than I can remember as being in favour fo the transfer of land being handled in an entirely diffrent way which would reduce the role of solicitors significantly.

What is it that I am supposed to see that I apparently don’t see ?

I don’t care how anyone else goes about their business in such matters - I simply feel that Tesco as an entity commercially speaking has the business ehtics and morals of a syphllitic sewer rat. OK ? Clear


there are people who will do the conveyancing on a house in Ireland for €1000, “sell your house in just two calls”

Tesco probably offer a similar scheme. works well if you have a good clean title and a co-operative buyer and good agent.
any completions in the sale will cost you a packet, you get to make two free phone calls to the solicitor, any more than that are charged extra

On topic, we might stick to the tescopoly and EAs.

A lot of people would argue that a successful economy demands that ALL companies have the morals and ethics of a syphilitic sewer rat (although I’m not sure about the syphilitic part).