Tesla - Pimping Elon's Ride?


Apparently in previous official communications Tesla has said investors should keep an eye on Musk’s twitter account which covers him if the info is legit.

Though if it was an off the cuff remark to make the shorts squirm he’s potentially in a world of pain.

But one of the fascinating things about Musk is you wouldn’t put it past him to tweet simply to hurt the shorters and then manage to pull off the deal to take it private. If as Mantissa says 10-15b is the figure he needs I guess it is not impossible that somebody will approach him to talk numbers.

For his sake they’d want to do it pretty quickly though!


I hope he’s not planning to borrow money against his shares in SpaceX


Has there ever been a take private where a large number of the shareholders stayed on?

I know what you’re getting at but there are strict rules to protect minority shareholders


Watching yesterdays freak show reminded me of the antics of that other LA coke head fraudster, Barry Minkow.


Back in the 1980s’ his ZZZZ Best TV adverts were unavoidable on all the big TV stations in Southern California. Absolutely ubiquitous saturation media coverage. And when the company IPO’ed the media coverage went national. Then the scams blew up in a typically farcical way and the whole fraudulent company collapsed in pretty short order.

The other ubiquitous TV adverts on Southern California stations at the time were for the used car salesman Cal Worthington (and his dog Spot). Ran for decades and he became a local institution. Fondly remembered by Californians of a certain age. I would buy a car from a used car salesman like Cal Worthington long before I’d consider buying a car from someone like Musk…


Two trading days now passed since the tweet without comment from Tesla or Musk. I’d say he is toast if they maintain silence tomorrow.

This is a good example of how how financial rules and regulations only really work because by and large people obey them. When somebody throws the rulebook out the window and does whatever the f*ck they like, regulators don’t really know how to act.

Tesla stock should have remained halted until this was cleared up. By allowing two days of trading under these circumstances it seems impossible to argue that there has not been some level of market manipulation.

Whatever way the cards fall for Musk, I suspect there are people close to him who have made an absolute fortune over the last 48 hours.

Edit to add - CNBC reporting now that apparently board are meeting next week to discuss. Not yet clear if this is an official comment from the board.


Two lawsuits filed against Musk, claiming his privatisation tweet was a ruse to squeeze short sellers.

theguardian.com/technology/ … ured-tweet


Tesla’s Elon Musk faces investor lawsuit


EDIT: ps200306 bet me to it




But you missed the best bits…


Now remember this is Azalia Banks talking. Which according to the word around town at the moment is one of the biggest nastiest clusterfucks in a town full of walking / talking nasty clusterfucks.

Its going to be one hell of a movie when its eventually made. The Elon Musk Story - from Pretoria to the Penitentiary - The Whole Sorry Tale.


For those not familiar with Ms Banks oeuvre this was her only good track. Her first.

The classic one hit wonder…


she makes me want to root for musk!


Me too. Or at least, I’m not inclined to take her trashy potty-mouthed utterances as evidence of anything. It’s also a bit creepy that the sixty-odd year old JMC considers this track good.


the interweb dwellers at the journal/daily edge put a different spin on the story. Miss banks was hanging around the Musk mansion in the hope of laying down some beats with Musk’s missus. XX

I lost interest at “white privilege”, though I’m surprised the dailyedge didnt bring that up

“Azealia Banks has been waiting at Elon Musk’s house ‘for days’ in the hopes of collaborating with Grimes”
dailyedge.ie/azealia-banks-h … 2-Aug2018/

as for a 60 year old liking that music, this modern day rap sounds like old school dance music from the 1980s and 1990s, wouldnt be surprised if jmc likes it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Artists, huh, they’re all mentallers. That’s a catchy tune from the non-third member of Musks threesome. Is the thing about Musks family wealth true?


Not 60 yet. Still a few years to go. Not that you are far behind me. There again you always struck me as that particular Irish type, the Prematurely Late Middle Aged Male since their early '30’s. Once they enter their 30’s they seem to mentally age thirty years and start sounding like reactionary conservative FF pensioners. Plenty of your postings here to confirm that opinion. So I think in this case you have a better claim to the description slight creepy boring old fart.

I wrote that was Her best track. Not that it was a good track. Its just a generic pop song with a few well placed hook lines. The only interesting thing about it is the video, which is a case study in how to make an effective performance video with a very low budget. A single semi pro cam. No lighting or props except maybe a reflector or two. About 4 or 5 hours of raw video probably, very tightly edited and composed. The guy who did it, Vicent Tsang, did a great job with the material to hand.


Dont like it in the least. Does not mean I’m not aware of what has been going on in the various commercial genres over the years. That genre was last musically interesting back in the early 90’s. Before the majors signed up all second wave players and packaged it as “edgy” pop mostly sold to white suburban teenagers.

Of the current commercial genres the one I like most is the one I probably have least direct dealings with, although a very good friend is very active on the West Coast so know what is going on. And the commercial music genre I have most direct dealings with, I’ll probably have to babysit a mixing desk for a recording in a big theater in LA soon as a favour to a musician friend, is in a genre I know fairly well but dont particularly care for.

There again, when I go to shows I gravitate to the stage crew and hang out with them. The stuff going on behind the scenes is almost always a lot more interesting than anything on the stage.



Respect to jmc aka MC j 8)


Its poor Mantissa I feel sorry for, he has to switch sides now

I don’t think so, his father was an engineer and his mother was a model I think, so just a normal middle class life in 70/80s South Africa

He didn’t have much when he arrived in Canada, AFAIK he got a scholarship to attend University, so not quite Cecil Rhodes

I agree, was in the music business myself for a while, roadie for Metallica, Speed of Sound tour, bunch of assholes


LOL. You really can’t help yourself, can you? You’re quite Trump-like in that regard. Never happy just blowing your own trumpet, gotta put someone else down. But then, I’m sure you’re probably Trump’s life coach in between your music and science careers, which themselves are just sidelines to running the tech world and being an expert on worldwide politics. :smiley:


Elon Musk reveals funding for taking Tesla private: Saudi oil money
sfchronicle.com/business/ar … 152363.php



Who called who a creepy old git. You remind me of a gobshite who worked at the first company I worked for in SoCal when I first moved here. Always loud in expressing his big opinions on everything. Especially anything non tech. Not that he was slow to opine on the tech subjects. But a quick look at his code showed he knew fuck all about programming despite claims to the title of tech lead / architect. Soon after he made a big deal about been head hunted to some big job at a research institute. Turned out he became a glorified IT support guy at UCSD. Which he never ventured beyond.

Now he is relevant to your case because despite his big opinions and his self certainty about them he actually grew up in some podunc little shithole in the Mid West and actually knew damn all about the wider world. And because of this found it impossible to comprehend that other people, such as the person in front of him expressing a different opinion, might actual not only know what they are talking about but have a much wider experience of the world than them. Utterly beyond his comprehension. Because he was a small minded person living in a very tiny world.

One trivial example will illustrate. Quite a funny one. One day he was shooting his usual shit in the office and the subject then turns to, as it does when young guys are bullshitting, to how much a Playboy Playmate of the Month got paid. This was in the mid 1980’s. He said in a very authoritative voice that it was $35K. I piped in that actually it was $13K for the main shoot and a further $9K if made Playmate of the Year. (I think I remember the numbers correctly…) Plus appearance and other fees as add ons. Which could be quite substantial. He did not ask how I knew these numbers he just immediately turned and left. Because it was obvious he had just pulled the $35K number out of his ass. If he had asked I could have told him that the only reason I knew these numbers is because the grade school / high school best friend of my then girlfriend had been Miss April the previous year. Never met her but she sounded like a fun person. With some of the money from the Playmate shoot she bought the prop red pickup truck that had been driven by Clark Kent in one of the early Superman movies and had a blast driving it around LA. It was a very recognizable vehicle at the time.

See, ps, just because you seem to have had such a boring mundane life not seeming to have met any interesting people does not mean the rest of us have led (or lead) such nondescript or uninteresting lives.