Tesla - Pimping Elon's Ride?


What is even more interesting is that one of the current rumors kicking around LA is that some of the entourage / hangers on are getting very worried about the party ending soon, no more cash, no more nose candy by the kilo, so they are talking about getting a 5150 for Musk. For “medical” reasons.

I think if there is any legs to the rumor its not a 5150 but some sort of conservatship application. Which would give all parties (except Musk) what they want. Either way, this looks like a death spiral by this stage. But as Keith Richards has proved, you can spiral for decades without catching the grim reapers blade. But Keith Richards, unlike Musk, is actually an engaging character who would be very interesting to meet.


I honestly have no idea why you’re here. It’s clearly not to make friends or impress anyone.


My. How the mighty have fallen. That’s the best you can do? I expected more.

Out of curiosity, was it a dominos or papa john’s u were dropping off to hq?


By the same loose definition, I worked in that neighbourhood on and off for decades. You can’t spin up and down the motorway without passing a bunch of household name tech companies. jmc sounds like those god-awful people I hear in Finnegans in Dalkey recounting their “how I met Bono in the jacks and got invoited to a porty in his house” stories.


Two really interesting very honest videos on Tesla batteries for the Nerds among us including a deep dive into the Model 3 battery pack

Part 1: youtu.be/kGFiaWvD-KI

Part 2: youtu.be/TdUqQZC2dcE


businessinsider.com.au/tesl … me-2018-10


One for the naysayers … Tesla just posted a quarterly profit!

uk.reuters.com/article/uk-tesla … KKCN1MY2VG


Tesla starting to ramp up the marketing in Ireland? For the expensive ones obvs.

Got this through e-mail.

It’s not clear to me what “experience” means but unless it involves shredding tyres around Mondello for half a lap until the battery overheats I think I’ll give it a miss.


Good performance by Tesla. Commentary suggests a lot of high spec models this Q.
Interesting to see if they make inroads in China and how they lower costs models will effect profitability


Interesting video on a Model 3 teardown.


Well as you seem to be the pizza delivery boy expert around here you can tell me. How many years have you been doing it?

Your postings are those of some guy who goes to public open days at tracks and therefor considers themselves some kind of car expert. I’ve known people like this. People who almost lived at Sears Point and Laguna Seco and were the automotive equivalent of wine-bores. Idiots one and all. I have also known people who actually knew a hell of a lot about cars and automotive engineering, like one of the top road rally car drivers in Mexico, of all places, for example. And like all true car engineering experts never ever came over as a complete twat. Unlike your postings here. Quite the opposite in fact.

The fact that you go on about stuff that has zero relevance to real life driving and car usage, like EV’s drag racing like acceleration, tells it all. And the fact that you take professional placed PR stories seriously. Which is what most of the linked media stories were.

There are a lot more Model 3’s around since Labor Day and the most striking thing about them is just how cheap they look. A $50K car that looks like a shoddy Chinese clone of the Hyundai Elantra. For something that cost as more than a 5 series BMW or an Audi 5 it sure looks cheap and tacky. Those with the more expensive paint job in certain colors looks almost as good as a Honda Accord. Which is half the price.

The real news this week is the criminal investigation of Tesla and Musk is well under way…


…but this stuff takes years.

There is one popular EV on the streets at the moment that looks quite nice and is not driven by the usual EV assholes - the BMW i3. But given that it is basically a $45K Honda Fit that has been tarted up with bells and whistles but still not great value for money. You can buy the Honda for under $20K. And its a very nice car to drive.

So like all EV’s. Very expensive, massive depreciation, bad resale value and very expensive to repair. And costs tax payers a bundle. Again which begs the question - why? A fad that would not survive without the tax payers subsidies. If I did not have to pay non trivial amounts of money to subsidize this fad I could not give a rats ass if affluent virtue signalling pricks chose to spend their money on a dead end technology. Which is what EV’s will prove to be.


I’m done listening to you and pity people who have to suffer your presence on a daily basis.
Nobody likes you. And it’s easy to understand why.


You know I got your measure, technically, with your frankly deeply embarrassing paean to David Cutler as some kind of technical genius you posted a few years back. I did not get the impression you had read Show Stopper and its barely suppressed irony went above your head. Those who knew the real story of Cutler in Redmond and back in the Mill in Maynard, MA would have found your musings deeply funny as someone who was trying to be profound just sounded ludicrously portentous.

All I will say is that given that I have kept reasonably close tabs on the software business in Ireland since the early 80’s and especially on those companies that had some kind of international success the fact that I could not immediately identify the company that you worked for means it must have been a minor player in a niche product area. Small fish, tiny pond. So those people you were talking to in my neck of the woods, I would have been dealing with their bosses boss more than likely. Hell, if I had not hated management so much, I probably would have been their bosses boss by that stage. As you seemed to have been to Infinite Loop at least once I have some funny stories about my dealings with Apple going back to the old Mariani One days. On the other side of DeAnza. Before the Loop. The meetings with the remnants of the original MacOS dev team in '86 being particularly memorable.

The Bono story is funnier than you could ever imagine. Never met him, never wanted to. Always thought he was a pain in the arse even when he was still living in Raheny. But the fact that I heard the Windmill Lane story of the recording of the first album first-hand from someone who was there at the time should tell just how small a place Dublin was back then. To those of us who actually knew some interesting people.

As for the pub, Finnegans, never been inside it. You are more likely to find me at the cafe at the other end of the main street. Castle St. The one with the surf boards hanging on the walls. The owner lived in Marina Del Ray for a while. Hence the surf boards. The barber around the corner from Finnegans, on Railway Road, gives a really good haircut. Very nice guy. Been a feature of the village for decades.

So, did you remember taking the No.8 bus from Eden Quay in the old days? I do.


Interesting rejoinder. You now speak for everyone?

Anyway. A lot of people may disagree with me. Some have put up some very good counter arguments over the years. I have annoyed the hell out of some, but only goaded those who deserved it. My very American way of discussing subjects rubs a lot of people up the wrong way, but hey, it sometimes gets some very interesting results. Which is why we are all here. As an antidote to the utterly anodyne cliches that passes for public discussion in Ireland.

But in the end only history will tell who is right or who is wrong. In my opinion Musk is a conman and a fraud. In my opinion EV’s are a massive misallocation of economic resources. They are based on erroneous science pushed by a group of political ideologues and those who see very easy money to be made. In my opinion the California Air Resources Board which has been the prime mover in the EV story over the last thirty years is utterly corrupt and remarkably incompetent and which has been embroiled in multiple scandals over the decades. In my opinion EV’s only exist because of massive regulatory distortions and huge tax payers subsidies. Take away both and the EV industry would collapse very quickly.

I think history will prove me mostly right. But by default. As the West hobbles and destroys its national economies with artificially inflated energy and transportation costs while its main competitors, China, India etc cruise past the West with fast growing economies unencumbered with the quack science of Green and eco-nuts.

I have seen one states once very diverse, deep and robust economy destroyed by these policies over the last few decades so thats why I argue my position so trenchantly. EV’s are a part of a completely insane and ultimately very destructible political ideology that has hijacked large parts of regulatory apparatus over the last few decades. These policies will ultimately slowly pauperize us all, especially our childrens generation. Squander our future.

Sorry if I hurt your feelings but if you try a “your mama…” approach dont be too surprised if it turns out not being pleasant. Or not what you expected.


China is going all in for EVs, its a country ran by engineers, they ran the numbers and long term EVs are cheaper, India is different, they don’t have a well developed grid so like Africa they will stay with petrol/Diesel longer than most

Interesting video of a dual motor Model 3 Vs a BMW M3, the Model 3 cost $10K less and is cheaper to fuel, watch the video till the end, the BMW owner must feel like a sucker, I bet his next car is an EV, I can’t think of any developed country in the world where petrol/Diesel costs less than electricity

This is the old EVs are bad because subsidies argument, whats the bill for the oil wars in the Middle East up to now, how many trillion ? how many dead ? EVs are a bargain by comparison


Just like the last SEC took years too settle… Even when Musk gave them the Two Fingers it was settled in a few weeks. Plus the i3 is an ugly car. Not even the Germans buy it.


That was just one complaint and one agency. There are a lot more in the pipeline from many more agencies. Plus the fact the local SEC office pushed it through so fast is a sign that something is afoot. Years is the usual time frame, months means they are really pissed off.

There will be a lot more where that came from. Once started it tends to be inexorable.

As for the i3. In the biggest EV market in the world, California, the i3 is doing very well. Very very well. There are plenty of them around the Bay Area at the moment. Although they do stand out and the Leaf and Volt both look very generic. Just another econobox. As BMW have a big R&D facility down the Peninsula they first appeared on the streets even before commercial release. Back in 2013 I think. I saw my first i8 in the flesh in the South Bay being road tested before its release. Nice looking car. But for the price of a new i8 I could get a really really nice Aston Martin with enough money left over to insure and run it for a few years. Even with gas at $4 a gallon.


I think that is a fallacious argument. The US is not dependent on Middle East oil. You guys are. Apart from Saudi, the US imports little oil from the ME. And the Saudi imports are purely political. Canada, Mexico and West Africa are where most imports come from.

In fact California alone is sitting on immense oil reserves. Iraq level reserves. Actually despite huge state regulatory hurdles California is still one of the largest producers of oil, number 4, and with slightly more sane regulations CA could easily be number two producer in 3 to 5 years. That is without lifting the de facto complete moratorium on new exploration that has been in place for the last 40 years. Given the local onshore geology the offshore reserves should be just as good if not better. But we cannot find out. Because of law suits brought by the econuts.

To give you an idea of just how insane the regulatory situation for oil production is in California at the moment. The last major oil field that came online, in the Santa Barbara Channel, is being currently wound down after 40 plus years production. There is still a very large reserve out there but the state has not allowed any meaningful exploration or development for the last 30 years. The excuse is the 1969 oil spill. Which was caused by production well triggering a massive natural seepage. It hit one of the pockets that are responsible for the natural oil seepage that annually put far more oil into the channel than the '69 blow out did. The natural gas released by this natural seepage account for the majority of the air pollution / smog in the region.

This is where it starts getting insane. Since production came online natural oil / gas seepage rates in that part of channel declined markedly from historical rates as production became a controlled release for these hydrocarbons. This effect had been noted at other fields in the area over the previous century. But the anti oil people, the Oil = Evil crowd, dont care that this oil / gas production actually reduces local pollution by a very noticeable amount. Nope, dont care. Oil = Evil. It has reached the stage where the local greenies brought a successful lawsuit to stop the restart of an onshore oil field which while in production had reduced the local natural oil seepage into the sea to virtual nil and when it went out of production the local sea shore was fouled again by oil seepage.

Anyway, at least in the home of EV’s and the place that gave rise to the current EV fad the oil argument does not fly. We have immense amounts of oil reserves but the (overwhelmingly affluent middle class) eco-nuts do everything in their power to prevent this oil being produced. They have subverted state agency after state agency. First the Air Resource Board. Then the Coastal Commission and the state Environmental Protection Agency. Most recently they got the Bureau of Mines and Geology Survey, now subsumed into the Dept of “Conservation” to publish reports that run counter to everything they published in the previous 70 years about state petroleum geology. You know, the actual science. Pure Lysenkoism by this stage.

At least in California, even without oil shale fracking, there is zero need for EV’s. Ever. The state could be self sufficient in oil for many many decades without breaking a sweat. As I said, there is so much oil in the state that it literally oozes out of the ground. Beverly Hillbillies style.

The beaches around there have lots of small balls of tar on them. Courtesy of mother nature.

And the air quality argument no longer flies. Might have in the 1980’s. Not anymore.

Unless you have huge amounts of hydro power going unused, which no one does not even Norsk Hydro, the arguments used in favor for EV’s is pure ideological zealotry. Not ones based in any rational universe.


There’s a difference between a con and a massive gamble. Musk has produced some extraordinary machines that none of us will forget, irrespective of whether they make money.


Well the problem I have with that argument is - So did John DeLorean…

And I did not have to pay tax to pay for the DeLorean gamble. Although the UK taxpayer did lose 100M on the Belfast factory.

So far all that Musk has produced is about 200K’ish cars that are about twice as expensive as their gas powered market sector competitors. And lost somewhere north of $6B to do this. Plus about $1B plus of taxpayers money.

The hype around DeLorean was just as positive as the hype around Musk. Right up to the moment DeLorean was busted for the coke deal.

Anyway, this soap still has someways to play yet. With either a OD, a 5150, or a Robert Maxwell finale. Because Musk is no Bill Lear or Edwin Land. Not by a long long way. Both of those guys were actually the real deal. If a bit rough around the edges. Thats what true technically innovative entrepreneurs really look like. Not just some coked up media whore who lives in Bel Air.

Tesla is basically little more than a multi billion dollar reality tv show.